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  • Suddenly, I am having trouble with my QuickTime videos. I have used your plugin to embed them for 5 years without a problem. Any ideas??

    We can get the videos to run on Firefox with the click of a notice (activate plugin) which did not use to be required, and takes about a minute to load.

    But the videos will not work at all on Chrome or Safari. I didn’t do any updates in the past 2 weeks, didn’t change anything on my site, and the videos were working last week.

    On chrome we get these notices (when normally the video just shows up): This content requires the QuickTime Plugin. Download QuickTime Player. … Already have QuickTime Player? Click here…

    If I go ahead and “click here”, it then shows a screen with “this plugin is not supported.”

    Any ideas of how to move forward to solve this issue? I have appreciated your plugin all these years.

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  • Alex, I figured this out after a couple of days of hunting…

    the videos WERE working on Safari and Firefox.. just not Chrome. This is a Chrome issue (Chrome no longer supports the QuickTime Player Plugin.)

    And now that WordPress supports HTML5 videos, I can insert the video link directly onto my page with the Insert Video option. So I went through and changed all my videos to this way of embedding.

    Thank you SO MUCH for providing a way to play my 50 videos in my Online Class for 5 years!!!

    Cathy Weymouth

    I’m having the same problem maybe ?
    I have 5 years of videos, with [quicktime][/quicktime] code on them and they used to work fine but now all my pages say I’m missing the quicktime plugin to view the video but of course I’m not. Running OS X El Capitan. opens fine in a broswer window if accessed directly.

    What should I do appart from editing everyone of these videos… (over 500 of them)


    chezpaul, did you use Vipers video plugin? do you use google chrome?

    I had to change all mine


    I’ve always used Viper video plugin.It’s always been the only one I used.

    I never use google chrome.

    I did read your posts. 😉


    I am not sure. I wish I could offer more ideas. What a HUGE HASSLE for you. GOSH. you have a lot of videos. sorry 🙁

    I actually bagged using the plugin because I use google chrome always (!) and none of the videos were working on chrome. So I changed each of my videos one by one, considering that maybe some of my clients use chrome as well. And as you have read above 😉 I inserted each video link directly onto my page with the Insert Video option now available in the edit page dashboard of wordpress.

    I hope Alex gets back to you soon and that there is a simple fix with the plugin.

    Do none of your clients use Chrome? not sure why google stopped supporting the quicktime player plugin. Technology is baffling at times, right?

    Alex never got back to me.
    He must have stopped supporting this plugin.
    It sucks. It seems like there’s absolutely nothing out there to replace viper.
    I hate this shit. Devs don’t give a damn.

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