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  • I recently posted a quicktime movie at and I am getting a lot of people telling me they are getting a broken Quicktime icon (and no movie play) while others (Mac and PC) are telling me they loved the video…

    Can someone look at the source (or something else) and tell me what might be wrong?

    It plays perfectly in my Mac Firefox and my Laptop’s WinXP Firefox, but for some reason not on my desktop model PC with Win XP IE browser.

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  • I assume everyone have QT installed? 🙂

    Well, I do too.

    I have had three of the more savvy folk tell me they have QT installed, andone even upgraded to newest verision. Can you see it?

    I can see the plugin image, not a broken one. I don’t have the plugin installed.
    Maybe the ones that can’t see it are behind a firewall configured to block QT?

    Some are viewing from home… I dunno about them and firewalls.

    And as I said, I can view it from my Mac but not my PC, and there are no firewalls here. Laptop on a wireless (piggyback from a neighbor) works fine, too Laptop=PC

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    I suggest submitting your support request to Apple’s QuickTime Discussions. You should get a better response there.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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