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  • I have many custom quicktags. I’m sure I am not alone.
    Unless someone has a plugin, no custom quicktags can be used with the new ‘rich editor’.
    That means that someone could be flipping between editor / no editor just to get what they need. Or they could just do away with the ‘rich editor’ altogether because of this.

    A plugin would be nice.

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  • Moderator James Huff


    How about an option, or plugin, which allows the “Rich Editor” and quicktags to be used simotaniously? For example, the user would see a row of quicktags above the Rich Editor.

    IMO, this would add an easy and “old-fashioned” level of customization to the writing/editing interface.

    I just asked.


    Moderator James Huff


    Oh, lol. I don’t know why, but when I first read it, it sounded like you wanted a plugin to customize the Rich Editor. Sorry about that. It’s a busy day.

    I did.

    In its current form, the WYSIWYG editor is of no use to me at all. If it included clickable smilies[1], I could see the benefit of not having to edit core files, but as it is, it doesn’t really do enough to make it worth the inconvenience of losing quicktags (which do all I really need anyway). I only have a few custom tags, but I use them a lot…

    [1] An earlier version did, abeit in a badly broken form



    Someone wrote a plugin that has a “failsafe” button that you can check that puts a link where it belongs even with the WYSIWYG editor activated. I thought it was sheer genius. Unfortunately, the plugin itself doesn’t appear to work with WP 2.0 Beta but the link it places there works just fine. There’s a screen shot at my post here.

    I have the following custom quicktags:
    – wrap text around an image on right
    – ditto but on left
    – large text
    – links open in new window
    – >
    – <
    – text drop shadow
    – image drop shadows

    I can have them, or the new toolbar. Not both.
    Plugins I’m not bothered about as the people that wrote them will hopefully be able to integrate into the new editor but add this thread into the one that means smilies cannot work in Admin when the new editor is activated and that all means many many posts here saying “Why ?”.

    Ain’t there no love out there? We now get a choice that we did not have before. If I don’t like what is available with the WYSIWYG editor, then by all means I won’t use it (and it does have “quicktags” – just not all the ones I have added to my nonWYSIWYG write page). If it is of significant import to me, then I will make suggestions for improving the editor.



    Beel. Tsk, tsk. You ever heard the expression, “Give her a ride and she wants to drive”? That would be me! Ms. Ingrate!

    I can see newbies clearly loving the WYSIWYG editor. But people who prefer to work with the code itself likely will opt for the good old HTML button. (HTML me with your best shot, fire away….)

    It is nice to have choices, but in a way, it makes extra work for plugin authors I suppose. But then again, I guess we should wait for one of them to come along and bellyache about it.

    I’m just so happy that you “showed me the light” about the hidden, secret link to turn the infernal thing off! Ha!

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