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  • Hi:

    I’m very much a newbie to WordPress, but I haven’t been able to locate a solution for my particular problem by searching the forums. I’ve downloaded and am successfully running WordPress 2.2, but can’t get the Quicktags to appear when writing a post. I did the usual tricks: reload browser/empty cache, checked/unchecked “use visual editor” option under Users. They still won’t appear.

    I noticed that in wp_admin/admin-functions.php there is not any code for “quicktags” or “the_quicktags”. I tried re-downloading WordPress and it still isn’t there. Isn’t this the place where the code for Quicktags should be?

    Also, the Quicktags do not appear if I try other browsers or OS; i.e. they do not appear whether I’m using my Mac w/OSX 10.4 or Windows machine running XP, or in Firefox, Safari, or IE on either machine.

    Any input would be extremely helpful, thanks!

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