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  • So, has anybody figured a workaround to get quicktags working decently with Opera? Right now, all they do is insert the tag at the very end of the post. BOOOO! That stinks! I got sick and tired of Avant crashing on me all the time, but having to manually type out all my formatting tags? I don’t know about that… 😛

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  • well i believe u gotta live with that. it’s something related to DOM i suppose. :S
    try myie2…


    Heheheh… I guess I’m just gonna have to live with it, cuz Firebird lacks a few specific options that I can do in Opera that I REALLY need.

    In all seriousness, I’d like to know what those options are. I mean, hey, I actually changed from IE to Firebird, so I’m certainly open to a tool that helps me out!

    Hrmm… I remember yesterday running into a whole bunch of them, but now that I’m trying to find them the only real one I can find is that it doesn’t let me choose whether new window pages default to opening in a new window or a new tab. How bizarre… I wonder what those other options I found were? Lol… And Firebird actually has a couple things from IE that I really like and use a lot (eg: F6 takes you to the address bar)… and firebird uses less memory… hrmm… I’m going to have to switch back to firebird until I can find the features that I really cared about, and just start right clicking all my links to open them in a new tab.

    No, tabbed browsing is built in functionality. You just hold down the CTRL button while clicking a link. Also, in the ‘File’ menu, you can click on ‘new tab’.

    thats the point. in opera u can setup in the preferences if u want a MDI or SDI. No control clicks required. to do that in moz/FB u need some tab related extension.
    correct me if i am wrong. i only use FB while accessing my banking site.

    Cena: yeah, but the default Firebird behaviour is that if a link has a different target, it opens it up in a different window. I set up all my links on my blog to have target “_blank” so that my lazy butt doesn’t have to right-click or ctrl-click or anything 🙂 There’s an extension called Tabbrowser Extensions, which lets me do ALMOST everything i want to do in Firebird… except that if I open a link externally (ie start->run-> it pops up in the current tab instead of a new tab… once I get that fixed I am good to go – and I think it’s probably in the settings somewhere.

    Not to mention, in Firebird (Windows only, though), you can set it up so middle-click opens a link in a new tab. I use that one all the time. It’s still only 1-click (no cntrl-click), it’s just a different button. (The middle button is the scroll-wheel. What? You don’t have a scroll wheel? You’re no fun!)

    Well, looks like I had it setup right… just had to close and re-open Firebird to get it to recognize opening new tabs (instead of the current tab) for links opened externally… yay! 🙂

    Well, for me, the best part of FB is an extension – the Web Development Toolbar. It will do a myriad of things: outline block level elements, outline images that are missing alt text, show me the classes and IDs attached to elements, hide images, and more. Another GREAT extension is EditCSS which opens up a sidebar with the style sheet as content. You can edit the style sheet in real time and see the changes that occur on the web page. This is great as a learning tool. If you spend some time and like what you have done, you can copy/paste the style sheet into a new file or your existing file, upload it, and presto! you have your newly styled page. The big knock I have against EditCSS is that DIVs like the right-hand menu on the default template disappear when the extension is active.

    And for me, the best part of Opera is that it comes fully loaded. It has a small footprint. The forums are exceptionally helpful (even more so than WP at times), IRC room is even more better. And it’s hip!

    Note: Mozilla (at least for me) has a much smaller footprint than Opera… AND my posting page doesn’t look terrible in it (the categories don’t float to the right in Opera) 🙂

    As far as I can see, the float seems to work here:
    I know about the problem with the WP backend. It’s good code and the bug seems to be Opera’s and I have submitted that too. But talkin abt footprint and speed, Opera kicks Moz *** (at least for me!)

    About having to type everything by hand:
    try ShortCut (
    I configured it to give me all the tags I want at a few simple key combinations. E.g. “+s” will be , “+ss” will be and so on.
    It really speeds things up.

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