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  • Anonymous

    I’ve been hacking the quicktags alot latley to show just basic stuff and then show more “advanced” stuff when going into the advanced editing. I also have been changing the order and functions very little was wondering if any of you know how to add a drop down menu or a pop up menu that would allow the user to click on a smiley and for it to automatically add the smily “code” into the textarea. I just need some reference on how to do it…help please? lol

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  • Sushubh


    there is already a put smiley hack…
    search the wiki and thou shalt find it.


    thanks…i always seem to do that with…argh

    Alex King


    There is a code in the quicktags already for drop downs through, create ‘edQuickLink’s.


    Cool…i’m looking at it now in quicktags.js but can you show an example of one for me to try?

    There used to be some in there I think (check CVS?), I don’t have any off hand.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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