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  • When I create a new post, quicktags appear properly in the post editor.

    When I open a draft, quicktags fail to load. The HTML version of the draft post appears in the edit box but then things stop loading. The quicktag buttons never appear.

    ‘Use visual rich-text editor’ is switched on in User Options for the user acct attempting to edit a post.

    I have re-uploaded the WP-INCLUDES directory from the unpacked install files stored on my local drive.

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  • Quicktags appear only if the rich text gizmo is NOT checked.

    rudolf, sorry, that’s not correct. The box is labelled “use visual rich-text editor” by virtue of ticking the box.

    I have several WP installations and they all work properly- except one. They all display the quicktag buttons for WYSIWYG formatting when the box is ticked.

    Are we talking about the same buttons?

    Those are NOT quicktags – those are the tinymce buttons. The classic WP Quicktags are displayed only when the wysiwyg thing is off.
    Exactly as here when writing this post: what is above the text input area they are called quicktags. Everything else… well, is something else 🙂

    OK, then how do I fix the non-appearance of the “tinymce” buttons?

    I never use the wysiwyg/tinymce because it’s an evil tool. Sorry.

    I do use it and don’t find it evil.

    Anyone know how to fix this problem?

    Just for grins, have you tried clearing your local browser cache?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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