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  • Hi there,

    if you report some bugs to a support-forum which includes some feature-request as well, you didn´t expect this will results in two updates of this plugin in one day? Me too, because it could be annoying others if this will happen.

    But I had seen this today. First I mentonied some bug of this plugin- nothing happened 1.5 days. Then the developer mentonied in the thread he´s working for me (like being my employee, lol). Because the bug is quite important to be fix for my blug to get this plugin working like I need it I answered him if there was something like a quick and dirty fix how I can change the files at my installation to prevent the bug he just answered that I can update the plugin because he has released a new version (which I don´t expected this fast).
    I said thank you to him and more casually I asked if there was an option to do this and that, didn´t expected that he relaesed another version again on this day which will include my suggestion…

    So – sorry guys for you who may had to update this plugin two times today – I had it, too – but now I´m pretty impressed and happy with this plugin (and support!). 🙂
    Working example of this plugin:

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