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  • Would like to have popup similar to Martin Chulpac’s Character Map but that could be written to. Would like to be able to add code snippets I use frequently. For example my stylesheet has .imgRight and I frequently use an image src line that includes class=”imgRight”, would like to be able to highlight/copy/paste entire line and just change name of img file.

    Another goodie would be a popup just for notes of possible things to include in each post, so they could be separated from the actual post as I am working on it.

    Am I dreaming, or are thee plugins like that, or is it possible to make one? (I couldn’t find any except possibly kca and I can’t get that to show up for me to activate)


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  • When you say kca doesn’t show up for you to activate, what exactly do you mean by that?

    When I put KCA in the plugins directory (keeping kca folder intact as it says to do), then go to plugins management area in admin, that plugin does not show up. I can see all my other plugins and activate or deactivate, but is as if I’d not put KCA in the directory.

    I just tried again and got it to work. Not sure what I did wrong before, probably I was looking for “KCA” to activate, not the full name. Sorry, I have some vision problems and miss things sometimes. Also not sure if it is what I’m looking for or not, will check it out. Thanks!

    No worries. I’m sure you could add snippets of code to achieve what you stated earlier. KCA just makes it easier to do that. Have a look at the samples. They may help you. Hope you find it useful. Cheers!

    I looked at it briefly, but haven’t had time to give it a good try. I may have further questions, if so I’ll post a note at your KCA site. Thanks for the responses!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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