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  • Since I wrote this immediately below, I have done the following things:

    – uninstalled QC 140104 completely
    – installed QC 140520-RC (lite) as-is

    Two hours later QC was functioning with cache files being built and with the tell-tale CQ text at the bottom of the front page About 1 AM, CDT today, I finished a post, and QC cleared the cache on the home page as it was supposed to.

    Since that time there have been no posts, no comments, and no other changes that I’m aware of that should have disrupted QC from caching the home page, and yet speeds have returned to pre-QC norms, and there is now no signature QC text on the home page.

    When I mention QC working and not, I’m logged out of my blog and my browser has had all its own cache and cookies cleared.

    This is the same problem I was trying to address below: QC works perfectly, and then just seems to – stop working – for no reason I can account for.

    Cache files are being built, and when I published the last post 4+ hours ago notice of the appropriate cache being cleared was given on the back end dashboard, and yet now there is no QC improvement in speed nor signature home page text to indicate QC is working.

    Any ideas what might be disrupting things appreciated.

    A ps: there have been a few spam comments, but those have been intercepted by Akismet and sequestered before ever having the chance to hit and change a blog post.

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  • The home page finally re-cached at 9:32 AM CDT, approximately 8 1/2 hours after the last known change to it. Still curious at that length of time.

    Plugin Author Raam Dev


    Thank you very much for the detailed report. I see that you’re testing with a Release Candidate (140520-RC). There were a few bugs fixed in that release candidate and released in 140529-RC (Release Candidate 2), and then a few bugs fixed in RC2, including one that affected the notes in the source (see

    The official release, with all these bug fixes included, will be coming out this week, so I recommend waiting for that and then reporting back if you’re still able to reproduce this issue.

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