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  • Brian Henry


    PHP Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type int in /path/to/wp-content/plugins/myworks-woo-sync-for-quickbooks-online/includes/lib/quickbooks-lib/QuickBooks/IPP/Object.php on line 451

    The offending code is part of an if/elseif/else block, which contains else if (is_array($value)) and the error occurs inside the else part.


    if (substr($key, -3, 3) == 'Ref' and $svalue[0] == '{')

    So this code doesn’t make sense. If $value were an array, it would be handled at line 374:

    else if (is_array($value))

    So any code in the else block should not treat $value as an array.

    Looking at the original library on GitHub (, that line of code is

    if (substr($key, -3, 3) == 'Ref' and $value{0} == '{')

    I’m guessing you guys got the PHP deprecation warning about curly brace syntax and made a change or used a fork.

    $value{0} means give me the first character of the string.
    $value[0] means give me the first element in the array.

    So if we convert the string to an array, we can fix that problem:

    $value_array = str_split( $value );
    if (substr($key, -3, 3) == 'Ref' and $value_array[0] == '{')
    ... and further replacements  

    But the error message actually says value of type int. I tested curly syntax on an int and it returned null. I’m not sure if the int is a problem here. Could you please look into it?

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  • Plugin Author MyWorks Software



    Thanks for reaching out! Agreed that’s a little unexpected – not something we’ve seen in testing on our internal sites.

    If you’re able to open a ticket with us within your account, we can help take a closer look at this on your site as well, while we review your above information in the meantime.

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