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  • My hosting servercomes with wordpress & it is installed automaticly, but when I got to post, there is no quick tag, I cant find anything in the options to bring it back, and I would really like it, makes coding so much faster.

    Also, for some reasion, after I post a link (using html, somthing) or an image (<img src=”this.jpg”>) everythinbg under the link/image will be deleted.

    Am I using the wrong code? or what? Its really starting to make me mad, because I’m going to have lots of images and links, but for some reasion wordpress is deleteing everything after them!

    help! Please!

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  • The quicktags won’t show because you are probably on a browser that doesn’t support them, Safari most likely. img tags need to be self closed, you have to use a /> at the end and not a >.

    ok, thanks!

    you guys should support Safari, but I use firefox too, so its ok.

    “you guys should support Safari”
    It’s a bug in Safari rather than WP. However, this thread appears to provide a workaround.

    My quicktags toolbar disappeared too and I’m using Firefox. It worked when I first installed WordPress and then one day, it just wasn’t there anymore! It’s a huge pain to have to manually enter the tags every time I want to link, blockquote, or emphasize something.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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