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  • Today a new plugins added to wp plugins repository that will help wp user to create tabs inside page/post content without any css knowledge. This release had the following features:

    • Managable tabs
    • Shortcode support inside tab content
    • Managable tab groups
    • Same tab usable with multiple tab groups
    • Easy option for addiing/editing tab in tab group
    • Tiny-mce button for inserting tabs inside post/page content
    • Nice looking jquery tab style.
    • Competible with any wp theme.

    And we’re coming with many more features on next upddate..
    get it from here:

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  • Hello! love this plugin, but I’m getting an error

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /wp-content/plugins/quick-tabs/libs/functions.php on line 111


    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /wp-content/plugins/quick-tabs/tab-styles/tab-style-1.php on line 114

    Not sure why this would be.

    Also I’m trying to figure out how the Groups work. I’ve created 4 tabs. But how to I assign those to a group?

    I’ve just installed your plugin and it was INCREDIBLY easy to use! I’ve set up a tab group and I’m just having one problem: when I put the shortcode into the page editing area, the result is that it just shows the shortcode, not the tabs. It doesn’t seem to matter whether input the shortcode in either the HTML or the Rich Text panel – happens either way. Can you please tell me what might be wrong?

    you should put [quick-tabs tab_group=1] not [quick-tab tab_group=1]

    It works now – bassem_85, you’re a lifesaver. And we have discovered this plugin may have a small problem, because I copied and pasted the [quick-tab tab_group=1] code from the “Tab Groups” configuration window — that’s what the plugin itself told me to put. Shahnur, can you check this and make sure your otherwise AWESOME plugin is giving people the correct code, so nobody else gets hung up like I did?

    Uh oh. Now I’m getting the same error as ddpweb, but in a different situation than when I first told you things worked. It’s working on a site I have that’s online and on a server. It’s not working on a site I’m developing on my local PHP setup on my laptop – in that case I’m getting the error messages ddpweb describes. Will it not play nicely with a local PHP configuration, or is there another problem? (I have PHP 5.2.2 on my online web account, and 5.3.3 on my local server, BTW.)

    Thanks for a great plugin Shahnur!

    There’s a few things not working properly in the admin section –

    • The tab groups created in the backend don’t have names, every group created is just called “0” no matter what I type in when adding a group?
    • The WYSIWYG editor in the create a tab page is different from the one everywhere else in my wordpress backend. I use the TinyMCE Advanced plugin. The add tabs button works great in the edit page and edit post screens though 🙂
    • The manage tabs screen should show what groups a tab belongs to. Sometimes I need to make two different tabs with the same name/title but belonging to different groups.

    The plugin is ok as it is for me or another developer but would be very confusing for my clients to use because of these issues.

    Sorry to be picky and thanks for all the work so far! I hope we can expect these things in a future release.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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