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  • Hey everyone…I searched for this and couldnt find a real answer, so I figure, I’ll just ask, and hope someone knows what I mean…

    A friend of mine, and I have our thesis project comming up, and we are trying to build an online, art/video community, similar to but we want to incoorporate video, music, and some things that deviant art, don’t have just yet. As far as websites, weve both taken more of the design path, as far as the look of them…not as much the programming. We both know enough to make a basic page, but we have never gotten into PHP or anything more advanced. Our dream is to make this site and start off small, and then if it gets popular, grow with it. But starting off is the hard part, and we have no idea where to begin.

    The site mainly needs a way for people to register, and have the site process that…allow the people to have their own personal pages, with different things like gallery, blog, friends list…and stuff like that…, a search engine would be needed. Thats basically it right now, who knows what the future will hold, or how big it will become…but we dont know how to get started…

    What Im actually asking… Is wordpress, the answer to our problems? I see that it is a blog software, but does this incorporate anyhting that I mentioned above…if so are there any types of info sites that would guide me through the set up process, and if not, does anyone know of anytype of software or guides that will allow me to accomplish this!?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated…

    Thanks a lot,

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  • You could do all of that with a lot of Plugins, hacks and addons for wordpress – but as you guys are first time users, perhaps you should look into some more complex cms packages like drupal or something. I still think that with some work you could achieve what you wanted with WordPress though.

    Hey, thanks for the reply, we actually just heard about drupal, and were looking into it, but a lot of it is confusing. I wish there some type of format that would let you take a fully designed website…like a layout that we would make, that could be dropped into such software, and just pick “user pages” and drop that in, then do the same for everything we would need for the site! That would be awsome…but Im pretty sure theres nothing out there like that…lol…so im gonna have to do some research…but thanks for the help…If there is anyone else that has any ideas please share! I need all the help I can get!

    You might try a search ( ) for “cms” in here. I know I’ve come across many posts that discuss using WordPress as a content management system that have been very informative &/or inspiring and checking out the websites of those who’ve used it as such, it’s always very interesting to see what they’ve achieved with WP.

    I’m pretty much the total noob myself, but this is a direction I’d like to go with WP as well.

    Hey Joan, thanks for the feedback…Im gonna look into that as soon as I get off work! I really appreciate it.

    You might want to try WordPressMU @ – each user can have their own Blog, and with the right plugins, their own photos as well.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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