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  • Hello, I’m new to web development and have a question that will probably be pretty simple for most people who are good at this. I’m using wordpress for my web page and it works great, but when I make blog posts the width of my web page and my posts for my blog are too narrow. I’m trying to post up source code, I’m an embedded engineer, and my code sections are wrapping around because my page/blog posts are just too narrow. I want to expand this.

    I’ve spend a good bit of time googleing around and trying adding and modifying different things in my theme’s style.css file, but still no luck. I’m using a universe theme from a website called site ground. I’d be happy to post up my style.css or anything else if it would help.

    Any ideas on how I can expand the width of my posts?


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  • Try putting your code in <pre> tags when you write a post this prevents code from wrapping around.

    To change the width, you’ll need to modify the CSS code (or perhaps make a custom template depending on how wide you need) — if you post a link to your site, someone can likely help you with the specifics of doing so.

    Also, do make sure you are not modifying theme files, but rather using a child theme or custom CSS plug-in or option. it will be under blog and will be my last blog post. You should see a big code section under the video.

    I see now. I guess you want to remove the sidebar on single post pages see this tutorial

    Ok so what page would I edit in my themes to get rid of the side bar when I click on “read more” for a blog post?

    – so I have managed to widen everything on my page by editing page.php. This is fine, but now it runs into my sidebar. How do I shift my sidebar over more to the right?

    As a different solution, is there a way to past source code like I’ve done…using the [sourcecode = “whatever language”] tag, but make it side scrollable? I’ve seen other people post source code that looks like it is in a box and you have a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom. This may be an easier fix for me.

    Ok so if you instally syntax highlighter and use the [sourcecode langauge = “languag”] and the put your code between that and [/sourcecode] this will work with a scroll bar if you are using the latest version of syntax highlighter. If you don’t have this install it via plugins by downloading the zip file b/c using the plugin search in wordpress never worked for me. If you have trouble with word wrap like i did go to the plugin’s settings once installed and there are options in there…one of which to disable word wrap.

    This is a quick fix, but I would still much rather make my web page a little wider regardless of this solution. If anyone out there could help me figure out how to make my main column in my webpage wider I would really appreciate the help!!!


    Did you read ? Just follow the instructions to remove the sidebar from your single.php template file.

    As mentioned yesterday, changing theme files in not a good idea. You will lose any and all changes when your theme is updated. Make a child theme and then make a custom template — in the child theme and make changes there.

    Ok thanks guys. I’ll continue reading up on this stuff. I think some more background wouuld help me out. I’ll give the child theme idea a shot.


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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