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  • I am trying out the Quick Post Widget and it works great. My question is. Is there a way that you can make it so anyone can use it? I want to make it so any of my registered people can post articles and this would be perfect except only the admin can see it or use it.
    If not. Is there another widget that would allow refistered people to post articles?

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  • Hi,
    The widget follows the WordPress roles: Administrator, Editor, Author, Contibutor and Subscriber.
    The first three of them, Administrator, Editor and Author, can publish posts. So, when logged in as either one of them, you should be able to publish posts (so not only Admin).
    Ik don’t know yet whether you can override these roles but I will have a look.

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    @liasson: Post a new topic.

    This plug-in is really cool and works great. Did anyone try to use this in a page instead of the sidebar? Are there plans to include this feature in future releases?

    Great plugin! I only have one problem. Visual editor does not seem to allow uploading images from computer. It only allows to add image URL.
    When I create a new post using backend interface I can upload from computer (same log in and privileges used)
    I agree with sid.sri…it would be a great if it could be incorporated in page too.
    Thanks for sharing this plugin!

    Thanks for your kind words sid-sri and blueego. Ik will try to put the uploading facility in the next release.
    If I can work out how to put the widget in a page I will try to do that in another release. Just to make sure: you mean put the widget in a page to create posts and why do you prefer that instead of posting from the sidebar?


    Very cool plugin…

    Is seems impossible to upload .flv video and the .mp4 are unknwow files

    @gouffy41: if you like some hacking you could try to open the config_tinybrowser.php in the quick-post-widget/mce/tinybrowser directory and look at line 82. This lists the supported filetypes. Try to add ‘*.flv’ to the list and please let me know how it worked out.

    @inapan: Thanks for answer.
    It’s ok for the .flv uploads, but the embed code generated in the post dont works and the .mp4 are always unknwow files.

    @inapan: Thanks for your response. I was wondering if you can add an option for adding upload (ex: images) from the form itself instead of opening the visual editor. Also, it might also be useful to add the upload from computer option in the Visual editor.

    Love the plugin. I have the same issue as blueego. Need to be able to upload media from your own computer.

    We have 300+ that will have admin rights to post.


    Hi demdaco,

    Since version 1.5 the Visual Editor has media uploading functions. Please read the FAQ for details.


    Hi there,

    I love Quick Post Widget,

    However I am unable to add the widget on one specific page, which is quite important considering it will be the users profile page.

    What is the php code to add it?

    Hi robint1986,
    This topic says you could try to use the widgets-on-pages plugin together with the Quick Post Widget.
    Hope it works out for you.


    Thanks for the reply.

    I can get to the upload function in the Visual Editor, but when I click Browse I get nothing. I’ve tried this on Mac: FF and Safari and Windows: IE8 and FF. Same thing on all four browsers.

    What about sid.sri’s suggestion about an upload media button directly from the form instead of visual editor. Is there a coding function that prevents this?


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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