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  • OK, quick noob question.

    I’ve built a little blog on
    I want to be able to sell downloads from my blog,
    i know i need to get my own hosting and install
    the software on there , but,
    what specs do i need in a host?? or is there easier
    solution? any host suggestions??

    Any tips appreciated, i’m a bit lost

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  • Jeremy Clark



    Server Requirements
    Some hosts have a one click install for wordpress, I’d suggest staying away from those, they cause more problems that than its worth.

    You should check the WP requirements page.

    I use Fantastico in my cpanel at

    It is 3 click install. Not everyone likes Fantastico, but it works for me as I have no php skills.

    Fantastico doesn’t always have the newest version of WP available, but I haven’t had big problems doing manual upgrades after that. Mostly the little problems are not checking plug-in compatibility, and my fumble fingers.

    Most web hosts should have a check out cart you can add to sell things from your blog.

    You might read the terms of service for the web host you are thinking about using to see what they allow and what they don’t allow for sites in the way of content and sales.

    I’m a complete noob when it comes to web and php, I just about managed to get a home html page on my webspace but reading and following the guides throughly allowed me to install and configure wordpress on my own host without too much issue.

    I had to swap my hosting package from a windows based account to a ‘linux developer’ package which included a MySQL database and native PHP. These are the items you need to look out for with hosting.

    Its been a real learning curve for me and quite an experience and if you like to ‘tinker’ may be worth having a go yourself.

    thanks so much for the replies.

    I’ve just created an account with bluehost as it fits all those specs.
    Fantastico on there only offers v2.2.2 of WP.
    Is that a problem?
    should i go with it? as i can get a refund within 30 days

    also, sorry to be ignorant, but am i right in thinking i don’t have to use fantastico to install wordpress? would i have to learn some php to do that myself?


    The major difference is 2.3 supports tags natively whereas if you wanted tags in 2.2.2 you would need a third party plugin.

    You won’t really learn any PHP by installing wordpress, the only PHP part is a quick edit on a few PHP files, things like adding username and password and database location to the template PHP files.

    I dont know if you can or can’t install manually on fastastico, I presume if like any other webspace then yes you would.


    Jeremy Clark



    Also there is a security risk using 2.2.2, you need to upgrade to 2.2.3 to be safe. Here’s some instructions on upgrading.

    You can manually ugrade over the top of a Fantastico wp install.

    The only ‘error’ I have seen is when you go to Fantastico in cPanel after that, it says ‘manual ugrade only’.

    i’m kind of in 2 mindz as to wether i should just wait for fanstastico to update or do it myself..

    see how i feel after a coffee 2moro morning

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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