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  • I already have a full website developed. I would like to incorporate WordPress. Is it possible to use my design and still use this software? Will I have to modify WordPress templates to get my site looking as it was before?
    Also, if you do use WordPress templates, do you usually use them for the entire site…including static pages?
    Thanks for any help!

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  • It is totally possible to incorporate WordPress with any design. You will have to modify the WordPress template to achieve this.

    I just recently transitioned my site over to WordPress, and I must say that the process, though it may seem tedious at first, is well worth it. What I do suggest you do, however, is not touch your main site until you’ve completed the turnover process in it’s entirety. What I am suggesting then, is that you make a second copy of your site, or at least the main files and move them into into a folder, ie: mainsite/blog/ and edit new copies there. Once you are satisfied with what you have there, moving your newly created WP site to the main diretory is simply dragged (or copying, in the case of Linux) your files over the old ones and change one or two options in the settings of WP.

    Thank you for such quick replies…that answers my question.
    And just to make sure, I can use WP for journal/entries AND full articles? I would like to post articles and have them archived just like a blog.

    Yes you can use it for both, at least insofar as my experience has taught me. If you’re interested in doing articles, I suggest that you look into the <!–more–> and <!–next–> page functions that WP has built into it. They allow you to, say, write a post about a new article and link to it, from there have it broken down into pages so that it’s easier to follow. The pertinent information is here under the “the_content()” function:


    Wow that is slick!

    Have a look at how i have incorperated mine. It didn’t take that long but you can even tell its a wordpress script.

    I see the link on the bottom left hand corner.

    Wow marzar00…. Um…. the site is really jacked in FireFox…. and I mean JACKED!</string>….

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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