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  • Often it is necessary to post small snippets of code in a post in order to troubleshoot or assist a fellow poster. Notice I emphasized small, if you have a large chunk of code (as often with those getting help with their sidebar or .htaccess), it is preferred that you use a site like Pastebin, then simply provide the link in your post.
    Regarding the small snippets, the forum renders full URIs as a link, as well as unordered and ordered lists. So the proper way to post the code is to first use {code} {/code} tags (I’m using curly braces instead of greater than and less than symbols, so they’re not interpreted) then follow the code tag with a backtick, that’s the key next to your 1 key.Post the code, follow that with another backtick, then the closing code tag. So you wind up with something like this :
    <li><a>"><?php the_title(); ?></a></li>
    <?php endforeach; ?>

    And regarding URI’s of your site, or one that you are referencing, it is always appreciated that the full address is used, including the http, it makes it much easier to follow, rather than having to copy and paste into a new tab/window. And to that end, the standard html a tag works fine in the forum, so you can post <a href="">site</a>, and you’d get site. Using these simple tools, you’ll make your and all the volunteers in the forums experience slightly less difficult, and hopefully expedite the process of troubleshooting your problems. And as always, try a quick search, click on a tag or two that are similar to your issue, chances are, you’re not the first to have the question.

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