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  1. mochonty
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I was hacked and tried to clean it. Seems that I was right, my Avast antivirus don´t make any alarm.
    But hackers noticed, that I discovered them and they did something to block my login on dashboard, when logged in, I´m redirected to my site.
    So, in wich php file (I think "login.php"), but I can´t discover any suspicious there.
    Where else they can have modified a file that has something to do with loggin on dashboard??? I must act quickly before they can take care. My login.php is this; (is there anything wrong, or where do I have to look? Please I need this specific answer, no links to wp-codex)

    [large chunks of code must be put at pastebin.com]

  2. Daniel Cid
    Sucuri.net Support
    Posted 5 years ago #

    If you are not sure, upload all WordPress core files back to your site. That will guarantee that they are clean.

    Also, rename (or delete) your plugins directory and start clean there download everything from scratch.

    After that, check your wp-config.php to see if it hasn't been modified and your themes files too (if you have a clean copy of them, put them back).

    That should cover almost everything. *If you can't login to wp-admin, try recovering the password or updating it directly via the database.

    You can also run a quick (and free) malware scan here to see if it catches anything:



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