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  • Resolved Phil


    The Issue
    (EM version 5.2.6)
    If in wp-config.php I define('WP_DEBUG', true); then click ‘quick edit’ and ‘update’ in the manage posts screen for EM’s events or locations, I get a

    Notice: Undefined index: _emnonce in /…/events-manager/classes/em-location-post-admin.php on line 51.

    My understanding is that it is best to adjust the code to prevent notices from displaying in “debug” mode. No problem would appear if not in debug mode.

    I don’t see anything that EM needs to save from quick edit. Quick edit does trigger WP’s ‘save_post’ action hook, and EM hooks into ‘save_post’ for
    EM_Event_Post_Admin::save_post() and EM_Location_Post_Admin::save_post().
    Both these methods use wp_verify_nonce($_REQUEST['_emnonce'], 'edit_event'), but there is no _emnonce POSTed by quick edit, hence the “No Index” notice for _emnonce. I’m guessing EM didn’t intend these save_post() methods to run from quick edit and so never POSTed a nonce.

    My Temporary Workaround
    I think I resolved the issue by removing the save_post() functions when the user is on a manage posts admin screen with the quick edit option. Here’s the code:

    // If using quick edit in debug mode, we get a Notice: Undefined index _emnonce. Remove save_post() from pages with quick edit
    add_action('current_screen', 'my_remove_em_save_post');
    function my_remove_em_save_post () {
    	global $current_screen;
    	if ( in_array($current_screen->id, array('edit-event', 'edit-location')) ) {

    My Suggestion for Next Version of Plugin
    I think the longer term resolution to the issue could involve two adjustments to each relevant file: em-event-post-admin.php and em-location-post-admin.php.

    First: Under save_post(), add $current_screen to the list of globals so that it looks like this:
    global $wpdb, $EM_Event, $EM_Location, $EM_Notices, $current_screen;

    Second: On the big if statement for whether save_post() does anything at all, add a condition to ensure that ‘save_post’ wasn’t triggered from quick edit.
    for events…
    $current_screen->id != 'edit-event'
    or for locations…
    $current_screen->id != 'edit-location'
    So, the revised if statement for events looks like this:
    if(!defined('UNTRASHING_'.$post_id) && $is_post_type && $saving_status && $saving_status && $current_screen->id != 'edit-event'){

    My Question
    Any improvements to my understanding of the issue, or to the solutions above?

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  • I tried this one and everything seems to be working fine; can you try to update to latest EM version 5.2.7 and have you tried to temporarily:

    – deactivating all other plugins to see if this resolves the problem. If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).
    – switching to the default theme to rule out any theme-specific problems

    Plugin Author Marcus


    i didn’t get into your solution very far, because the fix only requires a small change to that line with the error to prevent the warning.

    will update the plugin shortly due to another bugs requiring immediate update.



    @aglonwl, excellent reminders, thank you!
    I hope I’m not off-track, but I still see a remaining issue below. I’m using

    • default TwentyEleven theme (1.4)
    • WP (3.4.2 in debug mode)
    • EM (5.2.8) as the only plugin enabled

    I understand the debug notice doesn’t interfere with functioning and is lower priority.

    Re: Update to v 5.2.8
    @marcus, thank you for your reply here and for so quickly addressing this issue in v. 5.2.8. I see that you added the confirmation !empty($_REQUEST['_emnonce']) before wp_verify_nonce() in em-location-post-admin.php and em-event-post-admin.php. I believe this resolves the issue for quick-edit with events.

    However, quick-edit with locations now gives a notice (only if WP is in debug mode) about the undefined $this variable in the chunk of code in the function’s else portion, i.e.,
    do_action('em_location_save_pre', $this);
    apply_filters('em_location_save', true , $this);

    I think $this could be switched to $EM_Location in each case. The do_action should probably be moved down a line in the code though, after $EM_Location = new EM_Location($post_id, 'post_id');
    That way $EM_Location is not null for functions hooking into ’em_location_save_pre’.
    Maybe the latter (no-nonce) portion of EM_Location_Post_Admin->save_post() just needs to more thoroughly handle the quick-edit stuff, like EM_Event_Post_Admin->save_post() seems to do (?).

    In the short term, I think that someone who wants to get rid of the “undefined $this” notice, but doesn’t want to modify the EM core files as shown here, could use the “temporary workaround” solution in my first post above. If doing so, however, note that for quick-edit saves, any functions hooked into ’em_location_save_pre’ or ’em_location_save’ would not run.

    Thanks all!

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Hi Phil,

    Well spotted, indeed that should be changed, and will be in the following update. Thanks!



    Thanks Marcus!
    I admire your work. I’m grateful you’ve shared it with the rest of us.

    Plugin Author Marcus



Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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