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  • So as of Woocommerce 3.0.1 developers decided that retailers no longer needed access to numerical menu ordering in quick edit view of products?
    This tells me that there is probably no one on staff at Woocommerce who actually runs an e-commerce shop.
    Think about this, while drag and drop ordering is ok… it makes no sense for a retailer who has to merchandise an entire department on the fly.
    If we had time to move 1 item at a time, that means we have no time to list, develop, design, and describe each and every item we sell.

    A retailer would understand that bulk sort ordering via code or (as used in woocommerce 2.6.14 and before) numerical value is important because it allows us to assign an entire group of products a hierarchy/priority in the visual merchandising of that department/category and our entire website.

    Forget for a moment that all previous versions of woocommerce never allowed us retailers to bulk sort order with numerical values (click multiple items, select edit, and poof the menu/sort order field is no longer available for bulk items). But now, in this new version 3.0+ we do not get to use the sort order field in quick edit view? Only when listing our product? So that when new arrivals come in and we have to give those priority over older ones when we list them, we have to go back and edit each older item 1 at a time? Or use the clunky drag and drop method, which feels just like laying hands on every individual item in a store and moving it 1 by 1, rather than moving an entire fixture to the back (ie bulk sorting in quick edit view).

    Come on! Woocommerce is great, but think like retailers PLEASE!!!
    Fashion has a few seasons, with manufacturers delivering goods a few times a season. When retailers list these goods online with Woocommerce, they should be able to group them, then assign that entire group a sort order. Wow.. this would then mean that retailers could merchandise within the fashion group, and move the entire fashion group around (priority-wise) as it aged, making room for new groups of merchandise. This is very different from categories because as we know, clothing for example can fit into a few categories, but may at the same time be part of a fashion group or “delivery” as Brands call them.

    Long request short….

    For the future….

    For the far future….
    THINK LIKE RETAILERS AND OFFER A GROUPING/DELIVERY/SEASON field that allows us to assign several items to it, and also be able to sort IT.

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  • Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    I don’t think the ‘order’ field was an intentional thing, nor intentionally removed. That is a field WordPress provides (it adds it to pages, not posts).

    I will point out, not a fan of the ‘menu order’ system. It’s clunky as hell. I suggest you feedback on since we want to remove it and replace with better automated options. Sorting products manually should not be a thing.

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