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    After a long time I found some time to update Quick Chat to comply with latest WordPress and jQuery code changes. Quick Chat v4.13 maintenance release doesn’t bring any new features, only bug fixes.

    And thanks everyone for your kind reviews and interest in Quick Chat. I wish I could find time to be more active on support forums but this currently isn’t possible. I will do my best to update Quick Chat from time to time.


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  • Plugin Author Marko-M



    Quick Chat 4.13 has increased minimum WordPress version to 3.3 and jQuery version to 1.7 as preparation for future when some older jQuery functions will be deprecated. I’ve added Quick Chat 4.12 to old versions section on my blog for people requiring older WP/jQuery versions compatibility.

    Hello Marko!

    Did not realize that I need to put my support question here on wordpress instead of

    I really hope you can help me with this one:
    Now and again the chat stops responding mid conversation. I don’t receive updates from the others and even what I type doesn’t appear until I refresh the page.
    If I spam the chat it actually skips some messages that I send but that is actually ok.
    My webhosting even disabled mod_security and increased the number of connections per user and it has prolonged the time-space between freezes but it still happens. My jquery is 1.10.2.
    That is the exact error every time.
    I do have version 4.13 and this is the first time I am using your QuickChat.

    Quick update:
    After a page refresh if I don’t do anything and just wait and read the chat messages the error pops-up again… I think it’s happening when it tries to update the messages from the server… maybe the timeout is to small and doesn’t want to wait for the server to respond?
    Or maybe after a timeout it needs to try a few more times?

    Hi 🙂

    We’ve had Quick chat installed for some time, thanks for the great plugin. However, since we installed BBPress a day ago, the chat stopped working. It is on the dashboard, however it sits at “Loading” and never loads the chat. Any suggestions? As we need BBpress.




    I have used this plugin since its first release – this is the only time (WP 3.81) that I have encountered any problems. The chat works great – just not the sound alert! I really depended on that so I will have to figure something out!

    I give 5 stars for every one prior to this new year (2014) and the problems functioning with WP3.81. I am not going to stop using it, hopefully someone who is much smarter than me will help with this issue. I am a relative dummy when it comes to anything other than opening the box and can even fail at reading the directions, at home, I buy it, family does the rest!

    I entered the wrong WP version – got cobwebs on my brain!
    It’s 3.8

    can you please tell how to make this chat as a popup on my blog.
    Also how to remove timestamps and be able to show written text just after the name:
    many thanks!



    Yes I would like to use this as a popup as well. Please advise.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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