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  • dontcare


    First of all thank you for a great plugin.

    I tried it yesterday and found out some strange behavior.

    Let’s say I have User_A and User_B. I also have the “Logged in users can initiate private chat: enabled” and “Guest users can initiate private chat: disabled“.

    However when User_A has a private chat with User_B and then logs out, the Guest_X user can still see the popup window of chat initiated by User_A (who has just logged out) and the entire conversation!

    Moreover, when another user logins in the same browser he also can see that private chat popup window and the entire conversation.

    Is that a bug or I am doing something wrong? Please advise. Thank you.

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  • Plugin Author Marko-M


    Thanks for reporting, this could be considered a bug and I’ll fix it in the future. Quick Chat uses simple cookie to remember private chat sessions. For now if you don’t want someone else to see your messages you should close private chat before you log out.


    Plugin Author Marko-M


    Status update,
    this should be fixed in Quick Chat 4.11 released a few minutes ago. Any feedback is welcome.



    Thank you for such a quick solution, Marko! I’ll test it tomorrow and will report results here.



    Hi Marko, it seems the new release did the trick. It works just fine, thanks a lot!

    I also found another not critical bug (although it might be not a bug). When I click on a name of user which I already have an active private chat with, another private chat window opens. The expected behavior would be having only one private chat window for each user.

    There are few more things I would like to recommend and request as new features for future releases.

    When User_A initiates a private chat with User_B and starts sending messages, User_B doesn’t get this messages until he accepts the private chat (clicks on User_A’s name). But even after User_B accepts the private chat he doesn’t see messages which were sent before he accepted the private chat. At the same time User_A doesn’t even realize that the messages he sent were not seen by User_B. Is there a way to:

    1. Automatically open a private chat window for User_B when User_A initiates a private chat (optionally with a possibility to decline)?
    2. If not, then at least notify User_A that the messages sent until User_B accepts the chat will be lost.
    3. Notify User_A that User_B accepted chat and now User_A can start sending messages (optionally it would be great to keep User_A’s private chat window inactive until User_B accepts the private chat).
    4. Currently when User_A initiates chat with User_B, User_B can be only notifies if he is on the page with Quick Chat plugin shown. If, however, User_B is on any other page of the site where there is no Quick Chat plugin visible the private chat notification will never get through. Is there way to popup a notification regardless of whether there is a Quick Chat plugin shown on that page or not?
    5. Have an option to delete private chat’s messages when the chat popup window is closed.

    I think this plugin is the best one among those available for free, and having these enhanced features will make it even better.

    Thank you!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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