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  • It appears that quick cache is not caching all of the sudden for me? Anyone else having this problem? I had the same problem a few days ago, updated everything including re-installing quick cache and it seemed to work again,then bang.. this morning it’s cooked again.

    Definately a caching problem. I made some major changes to one page and noticed quick cache wasn’t updating the changes. (usually you see the quick cache update notiofication at the top of the page)

    The pages are located at

    They are taking “forever” to load.

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  • BTW, once in my control panels, everything loads great. Its only the pages that are being cached affected…

    I just re-installed it… again.. and now it seems to be working… again… Curious why it seems to be corrupting like this…

    Yes it’s happening to me too… Did reinstalling solved your problem totally?

    In my case pages load very slowly from time to time, even slower then when the plugin is deactivated… but sometimes they load fast…

    I think this started hapening since I updated the WP to 3.4.1… or there is some other plugin conflict causing this… It might be even that my hosting service is haveing some mysql problems causing this… not sure what it is..

    do u use auto-cache option, cause I think it’s not working properly…


    It was the weirdest thing… it corrupted 3 times. I re-installed 3 times.. now I haven’t been having any problems since. It seemed to happen when I was making a lot of rapid changes.. whatever the case, the re-installing eventually worked permenantly so far… It freaked me out at first. You definately want auto cache on…

    I went through the same process wondering what was wrong until I finally pinned it down.

    re-installing now… 🙂

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