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  • I installed Quick Cache on my site, however when I did so I enabled it the main blog only and not across the network. I have a multisite with about 15 subsites, content on some changes throughout the day while others are pretty static.

    Despite that the plugin is not network enabled, the Quick Cache notification text shows up on the subsites when I view the source code in the browser while I am not logged into WordPress. However I am noticing some sluggishness. The cache expiration is set for 15 minutes because a couple of the subsites are updated frequently throughout the day.

    I have a couple questions. If I opt to network enable, has anyone encountered issues with the site going down when shifting from the main site to the network? In my experience Quick Cache can be temperamental.

    Second because some sites are updated way more frequently than others, should I choose to enable across each of the subsites and change the settings accordingly. Obviously this takes more effort by going from blog to blog to make updates, however are there any issues with this approach?

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