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  • I didn’t realize this was happening, but someone reported several days ago that nothing had changed on our site for 4 days. I thought he was looking at a different site, since we have new posts and comments every day.

    Just now, I was on the forum for support of my theme, Weaver II Pro, and a couple forum members saw a page that was current 4 days ago! (And, no, I’m not using an old version of PHP)

    I disabled Quick Cache, and they could immediately see the current page.

    It seems that the free version of Quick Cache has not been functioning well for quite a number of people since the “Pro” version came out. Now I don’t mind at all paying $15.00 for extra features in a Pro version, but a misbehaving plugin does not inspire confidence in a “Pro” version. In my case, I paid for a “Pro” version of a misbehaving plugin several months ago, and the Pro version is as buggy, if not worse. Once bitten, twice shy!

    Serving up a stale page for four days is a serious issue!! And removing functionality from a free version in order to sell a Pro version seems a bit out of harmony with the spirit of the WordPress community.

    Seeing there are so many issues with Quick Cache now, it seems I have no option but to change over to Super Cache. So sorry …

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  • The paradoxical thing is that I just ran speed tests on my site again. This time there were more images than before and Quick Cache is disabled.

    And, according to several tests, the site loads 50% faster than with Quick Cache enabled!! (Just over 2 seconds instead of just over 3 seconds!!)

    So is a cache necessary for a WordPress site??

    Plugin Author Raam Dev


    @inge12 I’m sorry that you’re having trouble with Quick Cache. We worked with the Weaver II theme developer recently (see notes here) and Quick Cache and Weaver II are now fully compatible. That said, you may need to update your Weaver II theme. Please see

    We recently rewrote the entire Quick Cache plugin (it had previously not been updated for 2 years) and we’re still working out the kinks. It is absolutely unacceptable to me that there be bugs in the free version of Quick Cache and I’m putting in equal effort into both versions to make them as bug free as possible.

    If you’re still experiencing issues after updating the theme, please reopen this issue and I will see how I can help.


    I was using the latest version of Weaver ii Pro (Weaver II Pro 2.1.2) when I reported this issue.

    You marked the issue “Resolved,” but the only way I “resolved” the issue was by inactivating and then removing Quick Cache.

    I came back here after reading on the Weaver forum that Weaver and Quick Cache are supposedly 100% compatible – after I had uninstalled the plugin.

    From reading the problems other users were having, it seems that my problems were not unique. However, I run a large, very busy site, and serving 4-day-old pages to new readers is just not acceptable.

    The irony is that I ran speed tests with Quick Cache active and with Quick Cache inactive, and the site ran faster on first load as well as second load without Quick Cache.

    Furthermore, it is evident that the new free version of Quick Cache removed functionality in order to sell the Pro Version. I suppose it’s your call, but somehow, it does not resonate well with the WordPress ethic, nor with the ethic I experience on the Weaver forum. On the latter, the free versions work very well, and the “Pro” versions just add a few features. Some of us pay for the “Pro” version out of pure gratitude!

    Plugin Author Raam Dev


    @inge12 It sound like the “stale page” that Quick Cache was serving may have been an archive page that is not being automatically cleared. Some pages on your site, such as date-based archive pages, may never contain new posts. For example, if you’re looking at the archive page for posts published in 2012, that archive may never get updated. In those cases, it wouldn’t make sense for Quick Cache to unnecessarily clear the cache for those archives, since nothing has changed on those archive pages. (The only way something would change on those archive pages is if you happen to publish a new post with the date set for 2012, a date in the past.)

    Some archives, however, do need to be cleared when a new post is published. For example, the archive for 2014 will contain new posts every time you publish something new. So, it makes sense to clear those archive pages when a new post is published.

    This problem becomes a bit tricky when Quick Cache needs to figure out which is which (which is a cache for the 2012 archive and which is a cache for the 2014 archive?). This is an issue I’m aware of and I will be working on resolving this.

    In the meantime, there are a few workarounds you may be interested in trying here:

    In addition to the issue above, you may also want to follow this issue:

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