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  • Hi,

    Quick cache sometimes caches some of my pages only partially. I think that it doesn’t wait enough when retrieving a page to cache, so sometimes it has only half of the page’s HTML code. It saves this chunk as a full page cache and serves a half-page until it expires.

    Does anyone have the same problem? Is there any way to increase the page retrieval wait time?


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  • No problem like that for me. I am curious…can you jump into its /cache directory, view the contents of one of the qc-c-* files and see to make sure your full html page code is present?

    This way we know the page is truly cached and its only the outputting to screen that is the problem.

    No, as I said, it only caches a portion of a page. I checked that in /cache directory as well – then HTML content of come cache files contain only part of a page.


    I do notice QC has a timeout of 0.01 for auto caching but i assume your pages are caching partially the normal way (by visiting the page and it caching in real-time). Its real-time cacher (non-auto-cache) doesnt have nor need a timeout setting so its intriguing your problem.

    How slow is your site?

    Have you tried disabling other plugins to make sure its not some plugin conflicts?

    I’m looking over the QC code and right now i do see a situation where the buffer can timeout and it will just dump out what it has (hence: partial). But the situation seems to indicate your server is really bogged down and just giving up part way. the bottom of your “partial” cache file does it show the standard: <!– This Quick Cache file was built for or is it missing?

    Btw, check for the error_log file for more info.
    You may want to turn on WP_DEBUG in your config file too.

    Well, the website is slow and that’s because of high load we have recently. We’re upgrading our hardware, but before this happens I want my website pages to be displayed fully 🙂

    Yes, the bottom comments are present in the partially cached files. That’s why I suppose that it’s not the output problem, it happens when the plugin tries to read and cache the page on the first time.

    I’ll look into the error logs and debug info.


    Your problem is very interesting. Curious, does it also have partial output issues when this plugin is turned off? When i look at QC code all it is doing is using a standard php function (ie ob_start() ) that changes the standard output to a callback function (when creating the cache file) which eventually gets output to the user’s browser. And so if it is doing what you are saying (incl. showing the QC footer) it seems to indicate that the problem may not be the plugin but the page itself — that some pages may just not be completing fully even when the plugin is off.

    You might want to also use a DB cacher plugin too. That will help speed things up more.

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