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  • I really don’t know a great deal about .php so thought I’d quickly ask here.
    I’ve just finished upgrading from WordPress 1.2 – 2.0 via a couple of stages and so far so good, the Blog is running once more.
    Time to use some plug-ins and anything that can stop the on average 500+ Spam messages being injected into my Blog would be worth its weight in gold.

    I’ve downloaded “Bad Behavior” and I’m about to upload it and switch it on.
    The install/use instructions recommends turning verbose logging off due to the size of the log that will be generated.

    I believe that simply means making the following change to the bad-behavior-wordpress.php file:

    // Log all requests to the database, not just failed requests.
    $wp_bb_verbose_logging = FALSE;

    The line originally read “True” at the end.
    Is this all I need to do to turn verbose logging off?


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  • yep, that’s it.

    Good luck with that. I turned on bad behavior and was immediately blocked from my own site. Keep in mind that because Bad Behavior requires an ACCEPT: to function for any visitor that millions of people will not be able to reach your blog – there are several major ISPs that block that function completely. I had to go in through FTP and delete bad behavior to get back into my own blog. I checked the logs to see why it blocked me, and that’s how I found out that it wasn’t anything I was doing. The fact that the readme file that comes with it acknowledges that ordinary people will be blocked in droves if they use any sort of powerful firewall tells me that it is next to useless to install this.

    Your spam will go way down, and so will your visits.

    i had the same issue with that plugin… it wouldn’t let me into my own site… i am using the captcha plugin now and i haven’t had a single piece of spam…

    good luck

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I get plenty of visits from many places, and BB means I get very very little spam.

    If your host (Godaddy ?) will not let BB run, then they are happy for spambots to plague your site using up resources that way. I would suggest that unless you have done the work and research that the plugin author has done, that you stop making claims you cannot support.

    easy podz, no one here is making any claims… good lord…

    and yes, i am using godaddy for hosting, which is why i suggested the other plugin, because i know that there are other hosts that do the same thing as godaddy and if you have that plugin installed, your site becomes inaccessable.

    If you use GoDaddy shared hosting, and install Bad Behavior, virtually EVERYTHING will be blocked. I’ve reported the problem to GoDaddy, but they sent me a form-letter non-response.

    I recommend against using GoDaddy shared hosting services, as their technical staff are idiots.

    Oh, and 24fc, please don’t misrepresent my software.

    I’ve been using Bad Behaviour on my site for a while now, I switched over from Spam Karma. I did face a few issues initially with 412 Precondition Failed errors, but finally figured out the cause and have had no problems and more importantly no spam since then.

    @24fc, for a member whose been around these forums for about 2 days you seem to pretty negative things to say about pretty much everything.


    yeah, i just sent godaddy a support ticket about it…

    i’m starting to think that i’ll change hosts…anyone know of a host with comparable prices…i’m only paying $4 a month…

    but yeah, everytime i have sent them a support ticket, i always get these idiot responses that don’t help whatsoever…

    Bad Behavior rocks. BB + SK = zero spam

    GoDaddy sucks.

    Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. I don’t know of any ultra-cheap hosts which are actually good.


    I was unfortunately drawn in by the low cost. I emailed them about their “shadowing� and they denied it. By shadowing I mean that through my stats I noticed that everytime my IP came up as visiting my own page, an IP with GoDaddy’s origin showed up. They said that I would have to provide proof of this for them to do anything about it. And yes, their customer service is the worst and yes they are idiots.

    Is there a way to do some sort of workaround so that Bad Behavior will work? I’d like to get a handle on these fucking bots that keep coming to my site and going to the same pages over and over and even nonexistant pages… as for the “good bots”, I’d like to be able to regulate them some way. I know that they are good for traffic, searches and all that, but do they too have to come multiple times a day to visit all my pages?

    thank you

    You should consider Bluehost. Their support is unsurpassed in my opinion.
    They answer my questions usually within a couple of hours.
    And, of course, no problems with BB running.

    edit.. Should also add they had me up and running in under 24 hours when I switched from Yahoo. d’oh! What was I thinking… yahoo… 🙂

    I’m using an ultra-cheap host which is actually good. I have had zero problems with them, their support turn-around is superlative, they are FAR from idiots, and I’ve never been happier with a host in all the years I’ve been running sites. They’re a little more than $4 – but they’re MAGNITUDES better than GoDaddy….

    is there an alternative to this plugin for those of us who really want to stop these bots but can’t get away from godaddy just yet?

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