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    UPDATE: Unfortunately I had to remove stars. Turns out this is nagware. You’ll get a block at the top of your admin pages nagging you to review and donate. Here’s the rub: The original review was a five-star one (below) and I did donate money to the author. Never received a code to stop the nagware. The website chat function for support throws an error. Never received replies to emails. The certificates only last 90 days so if you want to uninstall SSLZen you’ll have to reinstall it later. Reduced from 5 star to 2 star (works) rating.

    Quite simple to install a new free certificate. With any luck LetsEncrypt won’t have any issues. SSLZen was a breeze with its step-by-step instructions. Recommended app!

    Edit: Don’t forget to buy the programmer a coffee. They just saved you a few headaches and $50 for a commercial certificate.

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  • Plugin Author Sagar Patil



    The donation ID is the PayPal transaction. We have fixed the support on our website too.



    I tried the PayPal transaction and it fails, the nag screen remains. Recommendations? I sent an email to the support email address in the plugin with my information.

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