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  • Hi everyone, a new version of Quick Adsense (1.9.2) has been released, with the following new features. Please try it out, your feedback is highly appreciated.

    * Update the depreciated wp code function for AdsWidget in the plugin.
    * New Feature – Enable user to insert Ads after Image’s outer div wp-caption & not just right below the image.
    * New Feature – Enable user to insert Ads before the last paragraph of the post.
    * New Feature – Option to disable ads at particular positions, such as Beginning, Middle & End of post, ads on Sidebar, ads after ‘more’ tag and ads before last paragraph.

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  • Hi Philip,

    I love the new features! Maybe you would also consider the possibility to enter individual ad codes in custom values for specific posts as I described here a little while ago:

    Hi Tonnier, glad that you love the plugin 🙂

    Also, thanks for sharing the code, I’ve saved it & will make any possible modification for future release.

    Hi Philip

    You have a great plug-in. I’ve been an avid user for a long time now.

    Today I upgraded to the brand new version and it caused a little problem on my site…

    I have one of my ads set to display after Image 1. Prior to updating this was working perfectly, but today I noticed that there was an issue after updating.

    What seemed to be happening is that if I had a hyperlink in the next paragraph after the image, the ads would instead display below that hyperlink.

    I have returned to the previous version for now and everything is okay again.

    Here is an example:

    On this post the ads below image are now displaying correctly…

    Homemade Tick Repellents For Humans and Dogs

    But with the new version the ads are instead displayed after the hyperlink on the first line “how to prevent and get rid of fleas on dogs”.

    Do you have any idea what might have caused this and if there is a fix.


    Hi JamesPenn,

    I’ve just visited your page & notice that the plugin will have problem inserting this ads if the html is typed in difference way. In fact, there are some code modification to insert ads after the image in this version of the plugin (v1.9.2)…. anyway, here are two methods you can do a workaround … thanks for your feedback, will fix this in the next release.

    Modify the Code (if you are familiar with coding)
    1. Under your WP admin panel, click Plugin. Then, click the ‘edit’ link under Quick Adsense.

    2. Scroll or use browser to search for the following line:
    $cdu = ( count($tuu) > 1 ) ? strpos(strtolower($tuu[0]),'<a href')===false : false ;

    3. Replace it with the following line:
    $cdu = ( count($tuu) > 1 ) ? strpos(strtolower($tuu[0]),' href=')===false : false ;

    ## OR ##

    Modify your contents
    1. The plugin detect & identify <a href right after the image, to avoid insert ads inside this <a href link. So, if your link is entered differently it will result ads being inserted into the wrong place.

    2. For example your link is:
    <a title="6 Natural Ways To Prevent and Get Rid Of Fleas On Dogs" href="http://..."

    3. So, change it to this format will solve the problem:
    <a href="http://..." title="6 Natural Ways To Prevent and Get Rid Of Fleas On Dogs" ...

    Hi usmanmohammadi,

    You can insert <!--OffBegin--> anywhere within the post to disable the ads that you assigned to the Beginning of Post. Try switch to default theme & test it out again.

    From the post, I can’t identify where is the problem. Ok, first thing first, can you confirm that the 250×250 ads is assigned to the Beginning of Post? If so, then the <!--OffBegin--> should be able to disable it.

    It’s also possible that your theme render the video category differently. So, try switch to default theme to test it out & pls let me know the result… thanks

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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