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    (me again!)

    After resolving the PHP version I have now been able to install the plugin correctly and set it up.

    I can send emails via the ‘test mail’ function (if I check the ‘Send directly’ option) and I receive the email correctly, so I am sure the SMTP/mail function is working correctly.

    In ‘List queue’ I see the queued emails, when I press ‘Start Process queue’ I get the confirmation note saying they have been sent, but they haven’t and remain in the queue.

    I’ve changed the queue frequency down to a few seconds for testing, but I’m thinking that if the manual queue [rocess doesn’t work, I should start with this before moving onto the cron part of the automatic scheduling/

    Could you please suggest where to look next to resolve this?

    Thank you again for your time and assistance!

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  • Plugin Author hildende


    My first guess would be wrong file permissions in the uploads directory (wp-content/uploads/smtp-mailing-queue).

    I don’t have time to look into possible causes until the end of this week, but will do that as soon as I can.

    Hi, many thanks for your response. Could you confirm the correct permission setting for that folder?

    Thanks again.

    Hi, I have checked this folder and can see that there are a number of .json files in there whose contents correspond to the messages that are stuck in the queue, so I would guess that the folder has the correct permission (755).

    Thanks again for your help.

    Plugin Author hildende


    755 should be fine.

    Can you please try to open the link you find in advanced settings (similar to in your browser and let me know if you see any error messages?
    If you get a blank page it either means there was no (PHP-)error or display_errors is disabled (since you got an error message while installing it shouldn’t be disabled).

    Sorry for that trial and error game. A better error handling is on my todo-list and will come soon.

    Im suddently having the same issue 🙁

    The respond from is: email not sent

    I did delete the first mail ind the queue, and it proccesed the rest succesfully

    The mail, that stops the entire process, cant be delivered, se below. The plugin doesnt handle non existent domains.

    Technical details of permanent failure:
    DNS Error: Address resolution of <xxx>.dk. failed: Domain name not found

    Plugin Author hildende


    Thanks for the update on the non existent domains. I will have a look at that bug later today.

    Plugin Author hildende


    Just a quick update: I had a busy week but I’m still on it.

    Great 🙂

    1.0.5 – Problematic mails still stops the queue.. all later mails are also moved to “Sending Errors”

    Plugin Author hildende


    I just pushed a new version that fixes that issue. Mails that got moved to the error folder will automatically be moved back to the queue.

    Please let me know if there are any other problems.

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