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    hi there,

    first of all, congratulations on the most amazingly user friendly, highly intuitive and simplest yet powerful ecommerce plugin for selling digital downloads I have seen!

    I have spent the last 3 days (like, literally!) searching for something like this and I think I tested all of the ecommerce plugin in the entire WP database (yes, masterpress, cart66, woocommerce, jigoshop, you name it!) And for what? For a god damn plugin that does 4 things and 4 things only (I am only dealing with digital products btw): displays products nicely on the front page, accepts paypal standard payments, allows discounts of some kind, and above everything else allows for a god damn simple checkout process (no long, boring and useless billing and shipping addresses, with hundreds of mandatory fields that scare customers away more than compel them to pay). That’s all I wanted and believe it or not, all other so-called “professional” plugins failed to do these 4 simple yet vital things.

    So anyway… Finding this little plugin of yours makes me feel like I’m already in Heaven LOL. I still can’t believe I am using it at this moment. You guys thought about absolutely everything when you created this. I just hope and pray that “ithemes exchange” becomes the most popular plugin of all, cause it deserves it.

    But anyway, I digress 🙂

    I would like to ask/suggest a few things if it’s not too upsetting:

    1) image sizes customization. I created a test product and the image I associated with it got displayed on the front page of my website in its actual size. Well, the image quality is high and all, indeed but it’s just too big for the front page of a store 🙂 Can I do something about it? If yes, how?? Cause I didn’t figure out yet.
    2) is it possible to make the short description of the product as customizable as the extended description? This one is not so urgent for me, but I thought it would be nice to implement
    3) how do I keep the “”add to cart” and “pay now” buttons on the product’s page, instead of adding them in the sidebar widget? As soon as I added that widget to the sidebar those 2 buttons went there. It doesn’t look that bad tbh, but I’m a classical type of guy so I prefer the traditional way most of the time 🙂
    4) coupon codes: again, no rush here either, but I’d like them to be improved, like for example enabling coupons based on different totals of money spent by the buyer. Please excuse my somehow bad English, I know that sometimes I don’t explain things like an American would explain for example, but if you don’t understand me just tell me and I will try to put it differently.
    5) how do I customize the display of products on the front page, like for example list or grid display, if grid, set the number of rows/columns, set categories from which products get pulled, etc?
    6) is it possible for the fields that we enter product’s data in to remember the info and highlight it as we type? I will probably add over 30 products in the coming weeks and it will be painful to type the URL of each product character by character, especially since the URL is the same for all products (just the filename differs)
    7) how do I add the “add to cart” and/or “pay now” buttons to the products’ box on the front page? Currently that box only displays the image, product’s title, price and “view details”. I’d like an “add to cart” button to be visible there as well if it’s not too much.
    8) well…. that’s all for now. I am eagerly awaiting for your reply to these questions/suggestions and we’ll continue from there 🙂

    Oh, and btw, did I mention that your plugin ROCKS? I did? Well, I am saying it again: AWESOME PLUGIN 😀


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  • Plugin Author ecalley


    Hi monere,

    Thanks so much for your excitement about Exchange! We’re petty proud of it too! 🙂

    Hopefully I can answer some questions for you.

    1. There isn’t a setting in Exchange. Really, the simplest way to fix this is to upload images at the size you’d like them to be. 🙂 You can also adjust the sizes in the Media Library.
    2. The Product Description area is meant to just be a short, quick description of the product, so it’s really meant to just be plan text. You can, however, use HTML there. In your extended description area, you can use HTML, add images, etc.
    3. If you don’t add the Super Widget to a widget area, the payment button shows just beneath the product description.
      Here’s an example of what that’d look like:
    4. We are planning on updating what you can do with the Basic Coupons add-on. You can see what we’ve got planned on our public roadmap:
    5. Exchange doesn’t have a setting for this. If you feel comfortable doing so, you’d need to go in and edit the actual plugin files to accomplish this.
    6. This isn’t possible at the time, but the ability to “duplicate” products is a possible feature in a future release of Exchange. So, you’d just duplicate the product and if the only difference is the file download, that’s all you’d need to change.
    7. At this time, the payment button only shows on the actual product pages.

    Again, we really appreciate your interest in Exchange. Any of those things that aren’t possible in Exchange at this time, I will add as a feature requests. I don’t have a timeline for if/when they would be added however.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.



    Thanks for replying!

    I will be honest, I switched over to another plugin cause I needed the website that I’ve put Exchange on, up and running fast. But I already have something in mind for your plugin for a new site I’m working on, so I appreciate you taking the time to reply to all of my questions 🙂

    Also, I see you have quite a few things on the roadmap so I won’t bother add more of them myself, especially since they’re not that urgent.

    But one thing I’d like to remain as Exchange evolves is its amazing simplicity and user friendliness. If it’s possible, keep it intuitive like it is now. You have no idea how long it took me (over 4 days I think) to figure out how to do simple things with the other 20-30 ecommerce plugins that I tried before yours….


    Plugin Author ecalley


    Hey John,

    Our goal is to keep things as simple and intuitive as possible! It’ll definitely be something we strive to continue in future releases of Exchange.

    Thanks for giving Exchange a try and let us know if you have any other questions when using it in the future!



    I’ll gladly bother you with more questions/suggestions if I’ll have to 😀

    Take care!

    Yes, I agree with Monere – it really is a good plugin… I have a couple of questions though…

    1. The first being the highest priority… I have enabled the product category plugin and create categories but how do I actually allow users to view those particular categories?

    2. The second is just frustrating… the short description is not actually displaying on the primary product store page… is it meant to ?

    Thanks very much in advance and this is a great plugin.



    Plugin Author ecalley


    Hi Evan,

    I’m sorry I missed your post! This post is marked as resolved, so is no longer being checked; I just happened to notice today that there had been an additional response. So, in future, please start a new post.

    For your questions – In your Appearance > Widgets area, you’ll find a widget called Product Categories which will list any of the product categories that you’ve created. You can add this widget to any available widget area.

    The product description does not display by default on the store page. That’s an option we can add as a feature request if you’d like.

    Again, I apologize for missing your previous post. Let us know if you have any additional questions.



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