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  • Exchequer


    Hi there. I have been using Joomla for the last 5 years and I wanted to give wordpress a shot.

    I installed it and got it running. Now the first thing I am trying to do is recreate the example picture that is displayed on the theme page:

    So far everything is going all right except for the video part. The video is shown on the FrontPage AND on the video widget.

    Questions regarding the example:
    -How do I display the video posts ONLY in the widget

    Other questions:
    -My menu is referred to as menu1 what on earth should I rename it too…
    -How do I add a static page link to the footer (e.g. About us)
    -Where can I select which part of the picture is presented (when it does not fit)
    -Where do I increase the width of the left column

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  • Exchequer


    *Update* managed to find the image crop function. Only thing that is strange, is that the feature box uses 1037 pixels as width wheras the settings menu of media has 1024 defined.

    Other questions are still unresolved.

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