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    I can’t find any answers elsewhere so let me try here.

    1. Is Gutenberg only a front end editor?
    2. Is Gutenberg a MCE replacement? If that is the case, as a theme developer who depends on the MCE buttons to generate shortcodes for my themes, not to mention countless of shortcode and other types of plugins who depend on MCE to display their buttons on the editor, I’m totally already panicking by the amount of plugins, Premium themes and websites in general that are going to break, by all this. I guess, the real question here is, how are existing themes and plugins going to be affected who depend on MCE.


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  • Plugin Author Joen Asmussen



    Gutenberg is a feature plugin that intends to replace the entire editor view in the wp-admin. So no, it’s not a front-end editor.

    Gutenberg uses TinyMCE to power rich text fields still, but it is a reimplementation. Custom MCE buttons haven’t yet been added, but we’re tracking it as a feature we might implement in

    Hope that helps.

    Thanks for the quick reply Joen,

    I can somehow breath better… let’s hope nothing will get broken!

    Thanks again,

    Plugin Author Joen Asmussen



    So it means that people who would like to continue editing and formatting text as they do now, could continue using just one rich text block which continues to offer the regular TinyMCE experience?

    Pretty much yes, BUT if you are using a shortcodes plugin or your theme uses shortcodes that use the MCE custom buttons to generate those shortcuts, they MIGHT incorporate those features in Gutenberg.

    Furthermore, there are no Meta Boxes that are needed by various themes and plugins, Advanced Custom Fields, Yoast, plugins that allow custom CSS just for that page/post, just to mention a few. Gutenberg if not done properly, is going to be a disaster, not to mention, way more confusing to end users. Even if we convert our shortcodes to blocks, there are already 20+ blocks available now, adding another 30-40 from our shortcodes conversions, it will be a total mess. Also, do these blocks support php or just html? Without php, how are we supposed to create certain blocks that check if a user is logged in/out for example? Time will tell what will happen, but I have a very bad feeling about this, I hope it stays as a plugin, and work on something like shortcake.

    Plugin Author Joen Asmussen


    This PR suggests the mce buttons will happen:

    However we’d still recommend to plugin authors to eventually use the new interface, the inserter.

    Metaboxes and plugins are discussed in and This is an area we are working on right now.

    Can I add button for custom shortcode now

    Plugin Author Joen Asmussen



    Yes, the “Classic Text” block now shows you all the custom TinyMCE buttons (that you could assign a shortcode).

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