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  • I just spent today working off of the TechPress theme after upgrading from WP 2.0.x to 2.2 this weekend.

    Check out my San Francisco cheap food blog.

    Note: I am completely untechnical and have been able to create this little site with plug-ins, themes, and doc from the community. I continue to be amazed at the resources!

    I have a few questions, in order of “head scratching”:

    – In IE6.0, my 2-column-sidebar is only showing as 1 column. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    – On the home page, I’d rather have my Google custom search bar appear flush right within the blue header bar, that currently houses links to Pages. This seems a bit involved though.

    – Ultimate Tag Warrior’s Related Posts list on a single post: Is there a way to limit the number of Related Posts that show up, to, say, 3?
    Example of a long list on a post.

    – Padding or Margin around an image in a Page seems to be zero, tho the white space around other images (like on the main page) do seem to exist. Which file do I adjust for this one?

    (Please disregard the icky Amazon ads placed on the sidebar…I’ll be removing that shortly.)

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  • Yikes. In my quest to resolve the IE/sidebar issue, I ended up not using any Widgets, and reverted back to the themes original functions.php and sidebar.php files.

    I also removed the ads for now, though it doesn’t seem like their width was causing the issue. ads removed.
    cSS & XHTML validate. But still the 2nd sidebar is unrecognized in IE.
    Tried removing posts with pictures…or making them smaller. Still exists. Unlike some other users, this prob exists on the Single Post page too.

    Given some of the tough love feedback I’ve read, I’ll re-apply the original CSS tonite and then work from there.

    I modified the CSS’s .column_wrapper … class? Anyway, I increased the width a little bit and it worked! CSS Validates ok. An earlier post (if you search by “IE sidebar dropped”) mentioned futzing with the margins & padding within the .narrowcolumn type areas…but for me, .column_wrapper was it.

    Of course, though the site visual works in IE & FF, the HTML Validator is not happy. The validator is very unhappy with the Associates <iframes> tags within the sidebar.php file. I’ll work on that.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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