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    I am trying to edit the theme on the default WordPress site. Currently I have the design that I am wanting for the header and footer developed in html (see for the layout). I am wanting to just incorporate this right into the default theme for WordPress (see for what the default layout). When I look at the source I noticed that the header is actually built from the style.css file. I read through the theme development information and was unable to locate what I needed to be able to do what I want to do. Can anyone enlighten me and inform me if the table, which I currently have built, can be placed in to the style.css file to display my layout?

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  • The problem for you is going to be using your tables based header and footer mixed with the XHTML and CSS of the default theme.

    You may be better off creating your own header.php and footer.php files and then using the remainder of the default theme.

    Ok, I have created the new header.php and footer.php files. The layout is now perfect, except that I lost the background coloring of the sidebar.

    And you brought the layout right back into the last century with tables! OMG! Time to do some reading up on XHTML and CSS then.

    the reason you lost the sidebar background is that it is image based, and that was handled from the header.php file of the default theme. You’ll need to add that to your CSS or manually add the code.

    just wanted to say that your design is great 🙂

    Yes I do need to spend some time into reading XHTML and CSS. At the current time, I wanted to be able to transfer my current layout into WP. I plan on implementing the layout into XHTML and CSS in the future. As for the sidebar background, I did not know that it was imaged based. Thanks for the pointer on that. The design is nice looking in Firefox but for some reason it looks distorted in IE, go figure. ( There are still some quirks that I need to address and other things need to be implemented also, but it will work for now.

    Are you willing to post how you managed to get it to work? I mean, how were you able to use a full image and get WP to work within it instead of slicing up the images? Its kind of like and how that is just one image for the whole background of blog. I would really like to know how that was done

    Actually I made a single image and then sliced the images up into smaller sections. From there I created the archaic “table” and made the images the background of each cell so that “most” were not able to be selected. Just as miklb informed me, I needed to break the original layout into two sections and place one in the header.php file, the other in the footer.php file.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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