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  • Hi all,
    Dang it, just lost a post. Let’s see how good my short term memory is.
    I have some questions about WP: specifically, multiple authors per installation and page output. I’ve looked through the documentation, done a handful of forum searches, and played about with the admin interface over at – but I can’t seem to locate the answers to my questions.
    Does WP support multiple authors per installation?
    One of WP’s “selling points” is that it doesn’t require as many rebuilds as other packages, and thus can be less resource-intensive; but can WP output static pages, such as .shtml pages (or any user-defined file extension)? I have some very old pages in my personal site, and I’d rather not break them if I can avoid it.
    Thanks, everyone, for your assistance.

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  • skippy



    Yes, WP can support multiple authors. By default, any user with user level greater than 5 can author posts. You can control this by editing the wp-admin/menu.txt file. Right now, _any_ user with permission to post can post to any category (though I believe there are some hacks to remediate this). Work is being planned for future versions to provide for more granular permissions.
    As for static pages, .shtml isn’t static! 😉 Depending on what you want to do, it can be easy to integrate legacy pages into your site. Give us a better description of what you have in mind, and we’ll try to provide more specific guidance.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    In 1.2 epsilon, menu.txt seems not to exist, but the functions and array are in menu.php instead.

    Skippy, thanks.
    I guess saying “take a look at my site and read my mind” is going to get me gently thwapped about with a trout, hm? 😀
    I do have semi-dynamic pages using SSI calls right now, but I don’t really take full advantage of all the neat toys I could use with Apache SSI. Call me egregiously lazy.
    What I want to do with WP:
    Create .shtml pages, name based on the entry title.
    SOLUTION: I’ve found that this is possible, and that there’s even a hack to turn the title from title-with-hyphens to title_with_underscores.
    Store those entries into directories based on the category. In MT terms, the filepath is category_dirify.
    SOLUTION: Haven’t actually researched this bit fully. See comment about me being egregiously lazy.
    Actually have two different blogs to create the site (one for the “weblog” portion, one for the rest of the site – the articles, the games, et cetera – in MT terms, “individual entry” archiving.)
    SOLUTION: multiple installations, at least until WP has multiple-blog capabilities
    Keep the same templates – or as near as possible – so that the user sees no change to the site.
    I really want the changeover to be seamless to site visitors, and I’d like to keep as much of the directory structure and page naming convention intact as I possibly can. I know that I can just put some 301 redirects into place; but I’d rather not go through that if I can avoid it. Once again…egregiously lazy. (Or scathingly efficient, your call 😀 )

    Yes, WP supports multiple authors per installation, and as far as I know there are virtually no limits as to how many users. All authors default to the main page when post, but there is a hack available that will sort/view by authors. Check out the wiki page.
    WP is technically more resource-intensive but not all at once like MT.
    Static pages can be done easily the way you want it done. You’ll just have to save them and any related files and move them with your site, but they will not be integrated into WP.

    Thanks, guys. I guess I forgot to mention a few things.
    I want the older entries to be integrated into WP because I want people to still be able to discuss them. Thus, simply having the older pages resident on the server is not sufficient.
    I want to output .shtml pages, not PHP pages.

    You can import your MT entries into WP, old comments will be preserved and people will be able to comment on imported entries, even closed/open states will be preserved. You can also use AK’s MT2WP redirect hack to keep any permalink alive and let Google catch up.
    Why such love for shtml?

    Largely because, for my personal site, that’s how it was constructed. It’s been that way for just over three years, including directory structure, page titles, the whole megillah. I’ll fiddle endlessly with the stylesheet, and occasionally add in features of another section/category, but why break the links if I don’t have to? Changing to PHP would definitely break the links…or require a whole lot of extra redirect-placement, which I don’t care to do.
    On some other sites that I have planned, it’s a different story 😀




    If you really want to stick with SSIs _and_ leverage WordPress, you might be able to hack WordPress’s index.php and then <!--#include virtual="something.php" --> in to your current layout. Do please document and share anything you try. Your experiences will definitely help others!

    Actually, I’m not a developer. I don’t have the knowledge, and don’t really have the patience to learn much more than low-level script customization and tweakage. It sounds like I may need to stick with my current tool for my personal site until WordPress’ output page type can be defined by the user.

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