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  • I am new to the whole blog landscape though I am in IT industry. What I want to do is to create a web site that allows people to register and create their own blogs. Something like itself. So I can have User1 who has his own blog site as So on and so forth. Also User1 can invite other users to edit his site, which is a feature of wordpress. So a small company might come to my site to a blog and have all its employees to contribute the contents. Very much like a concept of Group. Currently I am looking into Yahoo/Wordpress package. Can I do what I want to do with Yahoo hosting? I read a article comparing all blog software It said that the max. number of blogs for WordPress is 1. I am confusion with its exlaination. Can someone advise?


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  • No, you cannot do that with Y – and a search will make you think… probably.

    For what you want you need WordPress MU (MU=multi user)
    and we do not support that here.

    I knew you would reply quickly. Thanks for that. I will be checking with MU. But in the mena time, do you know any web hosting companies that support WP/MU?


    As I said, we are totally ignorant here about MU.
    WP (the blog software downloadable from here) can be installed easily on any “normal” host that supports PHP, MySQL. See About > Requirements on this page.

    I understand that WP can be easily installed such as Yahoo has it. But what about WP Multi User edit? Any hosting company has it installed? Is this a valid question?


    It’s a valid question, we just don’t have the answer 🙂
    I don’t think any hosting company installed it as you want it. Some of them (as are using it to offer free blogging.

    WP can be easily installed such as Yahoo has it
    I didn’t meant it like that at all!
    I meant manual install: it’s easy, 5 minutes and I am in controll.

    Very good. Now I am clear. This is what I am going to do. Obviously I was wrong thinking the Yahoo package could give me what I want.

    I am going to download WP MU edition and play with it on my local host. And further evaluate it and find a hosting company that is wiling to install it. Or maybe I will do my own hosting. I basically want to create a site to do what does to offer free blogging for a specific industry. Big vision, right?

    Thanks. So long.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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