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    I am an owner of a joomla/k2 site and am kinda upset because it lags on 2-3 things and wordpress already has these and which is the inspirer of all these cck’s(multiple choice categories, the most important for me).

    a. I have read that the wordpress is lighter than joomla and more friendly to search engines. Although, I have these articles that say that you have to do some modifications to the code first, if want it to be be friendly to the searc h engines and support all the ways for indexing. Is this true?

    b. Also, the solid version of joomla is 1.5.23. Is there anything similar between wordpress 2 and 3?

    c. Is it possible if you install wordpress to power and manage more than one sites with plugins etc??

    d. What do I have to do to have a safe wordpress??

    I searched and for other wordpress sites and I found some stuff that I wanted too.
    1. What kind of plugin enables to put ads on the photos when you mark them with your cursor?

    2. Rapdose: It uses the JW playerfor the videos, and I would like to ask if the specific player supports all the famous streaming video sites(dailymotion, vimeo, youtube etc )? Also can I put advertising videos before it plays the main video?? If not which other player supports all the thing that I ask above and exists in wordpress??

    Also, the same website has some sort of a player for audio streaming. Does anybody know which is??

    3. What additive for community is the one that it uses?

    4. It has a slik rating effect for the reviews. Does it exist separately ( or is there something similar?!) or you can have it only if you buy the template? Also, is there any possibility for those who comment to have their own similar type of rating?!

    Am also looking for the corresponding stuff of joomla on wordpress..
    1. photo gallery

    2. Banner manager to see how many clicks have been made in every banner and support jpg,png, gif, flash & google ads

    3. Mobile apps: iphone, ipad, android, ovi

    4. Members can sign in to the site with the usual way of registration or by facebook/twitter/ myspace /gmail/Hotmail/

    5. Is there any safe eshop for wordpress??

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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