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  • Im very much a newbie in terms of using wordpress.

    all I really know is that I bought a hosting plan with and I got a free wordpress blog builder with my package, I have been succusfully building my blog.

    I now see there is a new version 2.7? and I can download it.

    I alwayss thought this was a web based thing I dont remember ever installing any wordpress software on my home computer or laptop to be able to make changes to my website? So i am not understanding why something needs to be downloaded?

    How do I find out what version of wordpress I am currently using?

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  • If you post your web site address we can tell you which version you are using, its also shown in your main dashboard when you login as admin.

    It is a web based thing so no files go on your home computer.

    There are two ways to upgrade to 2.7.

    The first is to use the WP Automatic Upgrade Plugin, although I have had problems with it not uploading all the new files so you sometimes have to do it again manually.

    The second is to manually upload the new files using an ftp program. That is where your “download” comes in. You have to download the new 2.7 zipped file, expand it and then use ftp to upload and overwrite your old files on the server. After using the plugin on 3 sites I stopped and only do it now manually. I’ve done 5 more manually from the start and zero problems.

    Once your have all the new files uploaded go to ../wp-admin/upgrade.php to upgrade your database to match the new files.

    my website is http://www.point-spread-consultants.con

    Basicaly, I hired someone to help me get it set up, and for the most part everything is easy to manage…

    but im running into problems with some areas.

    Is there a place where I can post if I am looking for experts to do some work on my site?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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