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    I’ve got a certain use case where I want to create pages that are only for a specific language/region, but have all over pages should be available for all languages/regions. Is this possible using WordPress Multisite? Or is there a similiar plugin?

    • Home en/de/fr
    • About en/de/fr
    • Contact en/de/fr
    • Shop de
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    Personally, I avoid multisite unless it is really necessary. It has several quirks I’d just as soon avoid where possible. I don’t think it’s necessary in the case you describe. For one, there are several multilingual plugins you could implement on a single WP installation.

    You might not even need a plugin. While certain pages are intended for only a specific language, there is no problem with others accessing it if they were so inclined, correct? You could introduce a language permalink element by creating pages as children of an overall language page. For example, create a page whose slug is “de”. The content is unimportant, it could be a list of German language pages. Create another page with “de” as parent, say “shop” or “geschaft”. The shop page’s permalink will then be something like You can do similarly for other languages, or don’t use a language parent for the pages in the default language.

    If by chance you need additional access control, it can likely be accomplished with a membership type of plugin or some custom coding. I don’t see multisite being necessary, given the information you’ve presented.

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