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    I would like to take some doubts that are not yet clear to me.

    I am Brazilian, I already watched the video of implentação php code, as you show in the video.

    1 Question: I have 5 different blocks being displayed on my site! I’m inserting adsense ad units with the Adinsert plugin ( My first question is how your AICP plugin pays for information over IP. The example will be based on the default settings of your AICP plugin.

    Example 1.1: The Visit has accessed my site, will it be able to click 3X on each adsense ad block before it is blocked advertising for it?

    Example 1.2: The Visit has accessed my site, but will it be able to click at most 3X, in Somatoria, from any of the 5 ad units I have on the site?

    Which of these two options will the AICP Plugin follow?

    2 Question:
    Data from my website.
    PHP in version 5.6.40
    Server: Digital Ocean with Nginx.

    I need to know if the AICP Plugin will work correctly if I keep the site caching at server level, Cache: Fastcgi Cache?

    3 Question:
    Instead of displaying an error message to blocked visitors, I can show ads from a network other than google adsense. Not to lose monetization? If so, what should be the correct insert of this second monetization platform?

    4 Question:
    What configuration in the plugin would you recommend for a new google adsense account?

    5 Question:
    is there any way to test the plugin without clipping us my own adsense blocks? You could give me an example, I tried to create an iframe from an image to do the tests but I believe I did it wrong.

    Thank you in advance for your attention! My personal apologies if my message was not 100% clear. I’m using google translator!

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  • Plugin Author Saumya Majumder


    Here is your reply to:
    Question 1:
    In AICP the ad click limit you set that is not per ad basis, it is global. So, if click limit is set to 3 that means max 3 times ads can be clicked whether that’ on ad unit or 3 ad unit.

    Question 2:
    Haven’t tried with FastCGI cache, but you can try out and see if it works.

    Question 3:
    In the else block whatever you want to show is up to you. Whether you wanna show the message or some affiliate banner, all is up to you what you put in the else block.

    Question 4:
    Max 1-2 clicks

    Question 5:
    Unfortunately not.

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