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    First, awesome plugin with a big future imho!
    Some feedback after Install:

    1.) When will localisation be possible? I couldn’t find a pot-file
    2.) If you select “ListView” for Startup for an catalogue, it uses the ThumnailView, the “DetailView” is not present.
    3.) In Admin-Area trim the Description of Items, it costs a lot of time to scroll down….
    4.) in ThumnailView Provide a Link to the Item (e.g. Make the Title Clickable)
    5.) in DetailsView the Description overfloats the Container
    6.) Support the builtin WordPresssearch!
    7.) Change the Button “Edit Product” to e.g. “Save Changes” because its a little bit confusing imho
    8.)How to access a Single Product via url?

    Thats all for now ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Plugin Author Rustaurius


    Thanks for all of the suggestions!

    I’m going to releasing an updated version this Friday (Aug. 30th), and I’ll do my best to have all of your suggested changes included in that update.

    I had a couple of questions about your suggestions, if you’ve got a minute to help with a bit of guidance. I’ll go over your suggestions item by item if that’s alright.

    1. Should be included Friday
    2. The ‘Views’ need re-working. The plugin actually started as a bit of custom code for a client, and got turned in to a plugin after the fact. My thoughts were that the shortcode should accept two attributes: “starting_layout” which decides which view is visible initially, and “excluded_layouts” which accepts a comma-separated list of any layouts to exclude. If that worked correctly, would that cover this suggestion?
    3. Done
    4. Done
    5. Should content that overflows the container be hidden or trigger a scrollbar?
    6. I’ll look in to this, but can’t promise I’ll figure it out by Friday.
    7. Done
    8. How should this be integrated? I agree that it needs to be included, but would the product replace the catalogue, or should it pop-up the fancybox with a product’s details over the catalogue? What should happen is someone doesn’t have FancyBox for WP installed?

    Thanks for all of the compliments, suggestions, and look forward to hearing more of your thoughts!

    Thanks for your answere, i will try to explain:

    1.) Thanks!
    2.) Yes, that would be also an option but if you set a start-layout why you have to disable the others?
    3.) & 4.) Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
    5.) I would combine 5.) and 8.); trim the text and if you click “View Productยง it opens the single Product and displays more images and the full text etc., if you load every product with all images in one site it will slow down the whole site.
    6.) no problem, but this is a “must”, i can wait till saturday ๐Ÿ˜‰
    7.) fine
    8.) see 5 and make fancybox as an depency i saw this with other plugins “To ensure that X works install Y” – no the URL should look like: 1.) or 2.)
    via this url the full item with description and more images etc should be accessible.

    I`m happy to provide feedback for you, if you have further questions i will try to help out.

    Great plugin!
    I have great hopes over this plugin.
    You can even have a Pro version in the future!

    Plugin Author Rustaurius


    Thanks for the compliments!

    Feel free to send over any ideas for features you’d like to see in future versions, and if you’ve got a second to rate the plugin, that would be awesome!

    Hi there! Firstly great plugin! Secondly I am VERY new at all this… so please bear with me.

    I have loaded more than 20 products but on the Add Products Page it only shows the first 20 products I loaded. How do I get to the rest if I want to edit a product? There is not option to go to next page of anything.

    The other thing is that on the front side of the website, when you select one of the categories all the products disappear… The site is

    Hi all, I’m new a new user of wordpess and in web developpement.
    I need help to insert a catalogue that I created whith Ultimate Product Catalogue Plugin in the product page of a web site.

    Hi Rustaurius,

    Just loaded your plugin Ultimate Product Catalogue Plugin – it’s fantastic & everything I was looking for!
    I just have one question please:

    I have quite long product descriptions so when their viewed in the “detail” catalogue view there doesn’t appear to be enough room & the text on the top one runs over/overlaps the next one down and so on… Is there a way I can either (a) increase the size of the area for the description, (b) perhaps show an ‘excerpt’ or (c) remove ‘detail’ view altogether?

    Many thanks in advance

    Hi again,
    Please help!!! Have just updated to Ultimate Product Catalogue version 1.1 & have lost all of my product images – they’re just displaying as white boxes with a small cross in corner?
    Can you please advise how I can get these to display again or how I can go back to previous version when it all worked fine?
    Also, since updating, the ‘detail view button isn’t working.
    Many thanks

    Plugin Author Rustaurius


    Sorry everyone, was out of town for a Labour Day weekend wedding.

    Madie, Sorry about not being able to edit the products. I never actually tested with more than 20 products, and just took pagination code that I had used on another site, so that’s my bad. I’ll release an update by the end of the week which fixes the problem.

    When I go to your product catalogue, the category checkboxes seem to work for me, although the labels get messed up after you select a category. Is that the problem you’re describing? I’ll add fixing the labels to the to-do list for this week.

    Bechir, if you’ve only got one catalogue, you should be able to insert it by putting this text on whatever page or post you’d like it to display on: [product-catalogue]

    CaramelBlue, first, you can edit the CSS of your catalogue (click on the catalogue, type the CSS you’d like to add in the textarea labelled “Custom CSS”) to increase the height of the box to fit your text if you know enough about CSS. To get rid of the detail view, you can add this attribute to your shortcode: excluded_layouts=”Detail”

    For the product images, could you post the link to your site so I could take a look at the problem directly?

    Hi Rustaurius,
    Many thanks for the reply.
    As requested here’s link to our site:

    …and here’s a link to one of the offending pages where the pics now don’t display:

    As mentioned hopefully you can also see from this that the ‘detail’ view button won’t click after I updated to 1.1

    Thanks again

    From top questions:
    1.) works
    2.) works
    3.) works
    4.) works, but the iconquality is bad
    5.) not finished, lightbox very buggy
    6.) Support the builtin WordPresssearch! Still missing
    7.) works
    8.) works

    Thanks and regards

    Plugin Author Rustaurius



    First, sorry about the images. WordPress updates plugins in a different way than it updates core files, which I didn’t know beforehand, and so the image files got deleted from your server. Now that I’m aware of it, you won’t have the same problem upgrading to future versions.

    Second, for the detail view, I messed up the logic at one point when I added the “excluded_layouts” option, which is why the detail view isn’t displaying for you. I’ve updated the file with the problem, so if you’re able to FTP on to your server, you can download the updated file here (, download the “Shortcodes.php” file, and then replace that in the “ultimate-product-catalogue/Functions” folder in your plugin directory.

    Again, sorry for the bugs, let me know if you find any others.

    Plugin Author Rustaurius



    For #4, if you’ve got an icon you’d like to see, I’d be more than happy to include it in future versions.

    For #5, I’m still trying to think up options given the fact that the container can be variably sized.

    For #6, not an easy one to add, but it’ll be in the next version.

    Hi Rustaurius. I have messed up badly now. ๐Ÿ™ Told you I am new at all this…

    When I updated to new version everything got messed up and I got many errors. So I uninstalled the plugin and now when I try to install it again it just won’t work. It says:

    Destination folder already exists. /home/wqscoza/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/ultimate-product-catalogue/

    Plugin install failed.

    Sorry I don’t know what to do now, and don’t know much about html. Please can you help me?

    Plugin Author Rustaurius


    Hi Madie,

    Are you able to use FTP to connect to your site? If you can delete the plugin folder, then you should be able to re-install without any problems. Sorry about the problems, and always happy to help!

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