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  • I am setting up a site for a non profit organisation, I am using version 2.9.2, However from what i read version 3 will be released sometime in late April, I can’t seem to find much info on version 3

    Information such as
    -Whether the older themes are supported (I have created a child theme based on the default), so for instance if version 3 comes with a new default theme, will it kill my current theme.
    -Which plug-ins work (as we have 3 or 4 plugins in the site)
    -How different is it, as the people who will be using it are not the most computer savvy, (they’re not idiots, but computers are very peripheral to their experience/knowledge)

    I apologise if there is a big FAQ somewhere and I have missed it, I did have a brief scan of the alpha/beta forum, but didn’t spot anything like an FAQ

    Thanks in advance

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  • You can read the specific changes to 3.0 in this wiki page, but its not the most helpful for your questions, which are mostly generic version upgrade issues rather than specific to 3.0.

    Old themes are usually supported fairly well by new versions though there is always the likelihood of things breaking and needing a change to the PHP, the same goes for plugins. If you upgrade your plugins before upgrading the site that often does the trick, but it depends on plugin authors finding problems and updating the plugin in the repository, so some plugins might not work.

    You should test the upgrade on your local computer or a test installation before running it on a live site.

    I’m not sure about 2010 specifically, whether it will replace the ‘default’ theme or have a different name, but it probably won’t be hard to convert your child theme to the new default, and it will be much better than kubrick, which is out of date and clunky in many ways.

    You can download the development version of 3.0 and use it on a test install to make sure your theme and plugins will work:

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