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  • We are building a church website. We would like to have a section on ministry pages that show current events. We were thinking that these events could be placed in a blog (or a calendar) with a category attached. Then each ministry (Sunday School, Adult Ministries, Youth group, etc) would have a section where the event(s) would show up as links to their respective posts.

    What we’re concerned about is how to we prevent events from continuing to show when they are now past events. Is there a way to input a expiration date? If there aren’t any events, can we have a message show up instead?

    We might be asking for a miracle but thought there might be a “plugin for that”.

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  • Yes, you can have an expiration date with a custom-field.
    Then when a visitors visit your page, the system will check if today is before the custom-field’s (let’s say we name it date) expiration date.

    This is an easy task for someone with SQL knowledge and how WP interacts with post’s custom field.
    On the other hand I dont know if you can use directly the custom field into the single.php file. If it is so it would be easier.
    So let’s see what other people say.

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