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  • Sorry if this has been answered before. I attempted to search for threads, but I think I was too specific.

    1. When a registered user posts comments on my blog, their registered name shows up as text, whereas people who use the comment form, their username is linked to whatever url they provided. Is there a hack/code that displays registered users with a link to their URL (If they have one in their profile) ?

    2. I know of a authors list which lists every author and how many posts they’ve made, but is there an actual memberslist which shows every user registered no matter what their post level is, which shows how many comments they have made and possibly what posts they have commented on etc?

    Thanks in advance, and sorry if these questions have been answered a ton of times before.

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  • If a user posts a comment and they’ve specified a URL in their profile, it should show their name with a hyperlink to that URL by default. (Edit: Hmm, I just tested this and it doesn’t…how odd because I truly thought it did default to that.)

    As for a member list, no idea. Never heard of one, but that doesn’t mean anything.

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