• WP statistics seems like a well put-together tool in most ways; however I have questions about the reliability of hits to my blog. I am using the free version. There is a huge discrepancy between hits counted by Jetpack and hits counted by WP statistics, and Iwant to understand this discrepancy.

    My blog traditionally doesn’t have heavy traffic (usually less than 10 hits/day, according to Jetpack). Yet, WP Statistics says that my traffic is up in the thousands of hits per day. Which one is right?

    I am sensing that a lot of these hits are spoofing IP addresses for whatever reason. How good is your tool at excluding bots and crawlers and the like? The reason I suspect this, is that, nearly every day, a lot of those hits are to the same page at nearly the same time by visitors from several different IP addresses, often based in different countries. This sounds improbable, yet it happens several times each day for me.

    Other days, It would say that I have this incredibly high traffic (5000+ hits/day), yet not a single hit to my home page.

    Am I right in suspecting most of these visits are not from real humans?

    I am running my blog as a hobby, and at this point I am not doing this for money, and currently am not publicizing myself anywhere. But since I know you need to refer to something, it is at stridersjournal.net

    — strider01

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    • This topic was modified 3 months, 1 week ago by Paul King.
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