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    Hi, I’m thinking of creating a brand db list, but in your demo, I don’t see clearly the options that your plugin is able to do.

    The layout seems to be very specific for selling houses, hotels, tourism, hospitality or similar. It is something very local based. The layout will be horrible when someone wants to make an international list for other business areas. For example, brands are all over the world and we only want to configure some topics and not all of them.

    I intended to do linked to international (not so focus on local map or location search). So I have some questions:

    1. Is it possible to remove the location field or any other field we don’t need?

    2. Is it possible to create a listing of brands with a table view? (Just the Old Fashion way to layout display, it’s easier, simple and faster… The table view, we should be able to set up the columns with the topics we want to display. Also the number of fields by page (20, 50, 100, 200)

    3. In these listings is there a possibility to add categories or hashtags for topics related to that brand list? (so people will find product type tag or category according to what they search and not the location)

    4. Is there a possibility to create a table with annual voting, for each company? And at the same time have a global cumulative vote (of all the years).

    5. Also another field “where to buy?” .. just inside a list of places to people that need something can buy in that website list (according to country)

    6. Would be interesting if, in some way, we can connect to those brands official social networks to check the Number of Fans / Followers by each brand. So we also can rank them.

    Maybe you don’t have these options… so I hope can be developed because will be new ideas 🙂
    Please let me know if you will have these options, PM/Poke me!

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    Hi @lipes

    Thank you for reaching out about this. I’m Garret from the customer success team and I’ll be happy to help with this.

    1. Yes! You can create and delete any fields you wish.

    2. Yes, you can set your directory layout to a table view that way your listings show in a table. However, this feature will require our Business directory Premium add-on. You can see our premium plans here: https://businessdirectoryplugin.com/pricing/#all-features

    3. Yes! You can add your listings to categories as well as create tags for them.

    4. Unfortunately, we don’t have such a feature for voting at this time.

    5. As mentioned in question 1, you can create any field you may need so you should be able to create a field for this with no problem.

    6. You can connect the brand social network account using our social fields. However, we wouldn’t have a way to sort these listings based on the follower count.

    I hope that helps! If you have any other questions or concerns, please let me know!


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    thanks for your reply @garret1996
    I’m searching for a solution to display a dB table list view. Can be like this table names:
    Users can vote by Year, or in detail check the total votes (all years), Add Comment, and connect to Social Media API each official Page own their data for Facebook, Twitter, VK, Youtube, Instagram, etc… People can rank the top person.
    We can check information for each profile, and then if they go in detail can go to specific details, like official stuff.
    Would be interesting if we can add/edit/remove all pages or groups (for that person/company) on the same media platform to have a close real number of fans/followers.

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    Hi @lipes

    You can easily display your directory in a table view with our premium module as mentioned previously. You can see what that looks like here: https://imgur.com/89C1P4y

    Also as mentioned, we don’t have any type of voting for users, unfortunately.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please let me know!


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    @garret1996 Thanks!
    Table view is a good start and my favourite type of Business / Recreative listings.
    To use a “star rating” in a competition table I think is a bad choice because if a brand/person has only 1 vote from 1 user and gives 5 stars… It will compete with another brand/person who takes 300 votes from 300 users and give an average of 3 stars.
    I then find it quite unfair that that brand/person that is most chosen or commented on has an “ascending” / “descending” 3-star rating order.
    Users can’t see the total vote numbers displayed by the result, so it makes no sense to me.
    I prefer the system in that each registered user gives 1 vote (and counts in the total years, or annual) so brands/persons can compete with others at the same level.
    Stars make sense to rate service if it is good or bad, but it doesn’t indicate if it is the most or least preferred among the community.
    In relation what I wanted to do is in those images, a rank for brands or people and have access to the API of the official social networks.


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