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    Hello, I have questions about the history of WPPA. At WaybackMachine, I read in Rubin J. Kaplan’s blog that he had released WPPA 1.0 in 2007. There must have been a plugin with the same name before, I understand from his message, but Kaplan had completely rewritten WPPA 1.0.

    Does Kaplan live in Israel? What has become of him? Is he a professional programmer? When and how did the change of care from WPPA to Jacob N. Breetvelt occur?

    I ask that because I am currently writing an article for a German photo magazine about WPPA and would like to mention some background information about the plugin.

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  • Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Nice question!

    Back in 2007 i found Rubin J. Kaplan’s WPPA version 1.0 to use in my blog

    The plugin was about 80 kb php code, no more. Just albums and photos, no slideshow, no lightbox, no exif, iptc, comments, rating… no nothing, even no sub-albums.
    A total of less than 10 settings (i remember: cover photo selection, size of display and thumbnail images and only a few more).

    Like a number of users according to the support forum, i wanted to have sub-albums and found out how to add fields to db tables, what Kaplan did not got working.
    He eventually stopped the support.

    Because i had substantial additions (at first the subalbums that require the ‘a_parent’ field in the ‘wppa_albums’ table), i was allowed by the plugin bosses to issue a new plugin based upon an existing one. This had to have a different name, hence the ‘plus’ in ‘wp photo album plus’.

    I am still very gratefull to Kaplan for his basic design principles that are still in effect, like having the filesystem structure based on photo ids. I never got the sense of having them collected in subdirs per month of uploading like wp does; it is extremely complex to search in it and undable on systems with 100.000 photos. (If you have that hughe number of photos, switch to tree structure to not overstress the server os that may have a limit on the number of files in a folder).

    I do not know anything about Kaplan, just that i still thank him for giving me a perfect ‘seed’ that i was able to develop to what it is now.
    I also do not know anything of what had been there probably before Kaplan worked on it.

    I hope this answers your question.

    Interesting! Thank you Rubin and Jacob, for the great work.

    Thank you for the answer and the good work, Jacob! It is nice to see that a good plugin persists and is developed further if someone can not or no longer wants to maintain it. It’s like a baton that’s passed on. The contributions of the temporary creators should always be appreciated to encourage others to pass on their projects someday so they can survive and be improved.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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